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Authors: Choi, CH Oh, YK Kim, YS Park, YM Ri, HC Kim, DL Ivanov, D Lee, GS
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Authors: Tomozawa, M Kim, DL Lou, V
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Authors: Tomozawa, M Kim, DL Agarwal, A Davis, KM
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Authors: Kim, DL Tomozawa, M
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Authors: Kim, DL Tomozawa, M
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Authors: Lee, SM Kim, DL Youn, HJ Hong, KS
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Authors: Chung, OH Kang, W Kim, DL Choi, CH
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Authors: Jung, M Lee, DU Kim, TW Yoo, KH Kim, MD Park, HS Kim, DL
Citation: M. Jung et al., Magnetotransport and charge transfer studies on delta-modulation-doped InxGa1-xAs/AlyGa1-yAs strained single quantum wells, J KOR PHYS, 34, 1999, pp. S439-S442
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