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Authors: Kato, K Sugitani, M Nagata, T Nishinarita, S Kawamura, F Takahashi, Y Ishii, Y Kawamura, Y Komuro, S Yanai, M Nemoto, N Arakawa, Y
Citation: K. Kato et al., A case of gastric plasmacytoma associated with Helicobacter pylori infection: improvement of abnormal endoscopic and EUS findings after H pylori eradication, GASTROIN EN, 53(3), 2001, pp. 352-355

Authors: Kawamura, Y Nakajima, A Mutsuga, M Yamada, T Maitani, T
Citation: Y. Kawamura et al., Residual chemicals in silicone rubber products for food contact use, J FOOD HYG, 42(5), 2001, pp. 316-321

Authors: Wakui, C Kawamura, Y Maitani, T
Citation: C. Wakui et al., Migrants from disposable gloves and residual acrylonitrile, J FOOD HYG, 42(5), 2001, pp. 322-328

Authors: Kawamura, Y Nakajima, A Yamada, T
Citation: Y. Kawamura et al., Residual chemicals in natural rubber products for food contact use, J FOOD HYG, 42(3), 2001, pp. 179-184

Authors: Kawamura, Y Inoue, K Nakazawa, H Yamada, T Maitani, T
Citation: Y. Kawamura et al., Cause of bisphenol A migration from cans for drinks and assessment of improved cans, J FOOD HYG, 42(1), 2001, pp. 13-17

Authors: Hamano, T Hirayama, M Kawamura, Y Kumano, T Mutoh, T Kimura, T Kuriyama, M
Citation: T. Hamano et al., Spinal cavitous hemorrhagic infarction with abdominal aortic aneurysm, EUR NEUROL, 46(3), 2001, pp. 160-162

Authors: Kawamura, Y Arakawa, K Maeshima, M Yoshida, S
Citation: Y. Kawamura et al., ATP analogue binding to the A subunit induces conformational changes in the E subunit that involves a disulfide bond formation in plant V-ATPase, EUR J BIOCH, 268(10), 2001, pp. 2801-2809

Authors: Kawamura, Y Kikuchi, A Takada, R Takada, S Sudoh, S Shibamoto, S Yanagisawa, K Komano, H
Citation: Y. Kawamura et al., Inhibitory effect of a presenilin 1 mutation on the Wnt signalling pathwayby enhancement of beta-catenin phosphorylation, EUR J BIOCH, 268(10), 2001, pp. 3036-3041

Authors: Kusumoto, M Ikeda, K Nishiya, Y Kawamura, Y
Citation: M. Kusumoto et al., Homogenization of tissue samples using a split-pestle, ANALYT BIOC, 294(2), 2001, pp. 185-186

Authors: Sanzen, T Harada, K Yasoshima, M Kawamura, Y Ishibashi, M Nakanuma, Y
Citation: T. Sanzen et al., Polycystic kidney rat is a novel animal model of Caroli's disease associated with congenital hepatic fibrosis, AM J PATH, 158(5), 2001, pp. 1605-1612

Authors: Naganuma, M Iizuka, B Torii, A Ogihara, T Kawamura, Y Ichinose, M Kojima, Y Hibi, T
Citation: M. Naganuma et al., Appendectomy protects against the development of ulcerative colitis and reduces its recurrence: Results of a multicenter case-controlled study in Japan, AM J GASTRO, 96(4), 2001, pp. 1123-1126

Authors: Nishiya, Y Yamamoto, K Kawamura, Y Emi, S
Citation: Y. Nishiya et al., Development of creatinine-degrading enzymes for application to clinical assays, NIP NOG K-J, 75(8), 2001, pp. 857-862

Authors: Konishi, Y Harada, K Yonezawa, Y Kawamura, Y
Citation: Y. Konishi et al., Composition distribution of compound oxide films deposited by magnetron sputtering, JPN J A P 1, 39(9B), 2000, pp. 5379-5383

Authors: Kato, H Kawamura, Y Chen, HS Inoue, A
Citation: H. Kato et al., A fictive stress model calculation of nonlinear viscoelastic behaviors in a Zr-based glassy alloy: Stress growth and relaxation, JPN J A P 1, 39(9A), 2000, pp. 5184-5187

Authors: Xu, HX Kawamura, Y Li, N Zhao, LC Li, TM Li, ZY Shu, SN Ezaki, T
Citation: Hx. Xu et al., A rapid method for determining the G+C content of bacterial chromosomes bymonitoring fluorescence intensity during DNA denaturation in a capillary tube, INT J SY EV, 50, 2000, pp. 1463-1469

Authors: Ezaki, T Amano, M Kawamura, Y Yabuuchi, E
Citation: T. Ezaki et al., Proposal of Salmonella paratyphi sp nov., nom. rev. and Request for an Opinion to conserve the specific epithet paratyphi in the binary combination Salmonella paratyphi as nomen epitheton conservandum, INT J SY EV, 50, 2000, pp. 941-944

Authors: Ezaki, T Kawamura, Y Yabuuchi, E
Citation: T. Ezaki et al., Recognition of nomenclatural standing of Salmonella typhi (Approved Lists 1980), Salmonella enteritidis (Approved Lists 1980) and Salmonella typhimurium (Approved Lists 1980), and conservation of the specific epithets enteritidis and tyahimurium. Request for an Opinion, INT J SY EV, 50, 2000, pp. 945-947

Authors: Hasegawa, Y Ohkubo, T Sogabe, K Kawamura, Y Wada, Y Nakashima, N Yanagida, S
Citation: Y. Hasegawa et al., Luminescence of novel neodymium sulfonylaminate complexes in organic media, ANGEW CHEM, 39(2), 2000, pp. 357-360

Authors: Kato, H Hirano, T Matsuo, A Kawamura, Y Inoue, A
Citation: H. Kato et al., High strength and good ductility of Zr55Al10Ni5Cu30 bulk glass containing ZRC particles, SCR MATER, 43(6), 2000, pp. 503-507

Authors: Kawamura, Y Mano, H Inoue, A
Citation: Y. Kawamura et al., Synthesis of ZrC/Zr55Al10Ni5Cu30 metallic-glass matrix composite powders by high pressure gas atomization, SCR MATER, 43(12), 2000, pp. 1119-1124

Authors: Kakuchi, H Sato, N Kawamura, Y
Citation: H. Kakuchi et al., Swallow syncope associated with complete atrioventricular block and vasovagal syncope, HEART, 83(6), 2000, pp. 702-704

Authors: Sakamoto, K Hirose, H Ezaki, T Kawamura, Y Onizuka, A Hayashi, M Yamada, T Sago, T
Citation: K. Sakamoto et al., Translocation of Salmonella typhimurium in rats; effect of enteral and parenteral nutrition, EURO J SURG, 166(10), 2000, pp. 814-817

Authors: Malcolm, PN Brown, JJ Hahn, PF Stillman, AE Li, KCP Kawamura, Y Tanaka, T Noel, JK Molony, BA Johnson, MF Hildebolt, CF
Citation: Pn. Malcolm et al., The clinical value of ferric ammonium citrate: A positive oral contrast agent for T1-weighted MR imaging of the upper abdomen, J MAGN R I, 12(5), 2000, pp. 702-707

Authors: Takami, A Nakao, S Ueda, M Miura, Y Matsuda, T Kawamura, Y
Citation: A. Takami et al., Successful treatment of B-cell lymphoma associated with hemophagocytic syndrome using autologous peripheral blood CD34 positive cell transplantation followed by induction of autologous graft-versus-host disease, ANN HEMATOL, 79(7), 2000, pp. 389-391

Authors: Hayashi, T Kobayashi, K Iwai, Y Yamada, M Suzuki, T O'hira, S Nakamura, H Shu, WM Yamanishi, T Kawamura, Y Isobe, K Konishi, S Nishi, M
Citation: T. Hayashi et al., Tritium behavior in the Caisson, a simulated fusion reactor room, FUSION ENG, 51-2, 2000, pp. 543-548
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