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Authors: Takagi, K Inamura, T Kawajiri, M Noya, K Hagiwara, Y Suketa, Y
Citation: K. Takagi et al., Estimation of endotoxin-like substances in deep seawater by using bioassay, WATER RES, 36(1), 2002, pp. 239-247

Authors: Mitsui, T Kawajiri, M Kunishige, M Endo, T Akaike, M Aki, K Matsumoto, T
Citation: T. Mitsui et al., Functional association between nicotinic acetylcholine receptor and sarcomeric proteins via actin and desmin filaments, J CELL BIOC, 77(4), 2000, pp. 584-595

Authors: Kawajiri, M Mitsui, T Kawai, H Shono, M Matsumoto, T
Citation: M. Kawajiri et al., Quantitative analysis of immunofluorescent signals for dystrophin, beta-dystroglycan and myosin in skeletal muscle by epifluorescence microscopy, BIOTECH HIS, 74(2), 1999, pp. 92-97

Authors: Higuchi, I Kawai, H Kawajiri, M Fukunaga, H Horikiri, T Niiyama, T Nakagawa, M Arimura, K Osame, M
Citation: I. Higuchi et al., Statistically significant differences in the number of CD24 positive muscle fibers and satellite cells between sarcoglycanopathy and age-matched Becker muscular dystrophy patients, INTERN MED, 38(5), 1999, pp. 412-415
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