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Authors: Hatsukade, Y Kasai, N Ishiyama, A
Citation: Y. Hatsukade et al., Nondestructive detection of delamination in carbon-fiber-rein forced plastics using superconducting quantum interference device, JPN J A P 2, 40(6B), 2001, pp. L606-L608

Authors: Kasai, N Sugimoto, K Horiba, N Suda, T
Citation: N. Kasai et al., Effect of D-glucose on nitric oxide release from glomerular endothelial cells, DIABET M R, 17(3), 2001, pp. 217-222

Authors: Sada, K Nakano, K Hirayama, K Miyata, M Sasaki, S Takemoto, K Kasai, N Kato, K Shigesato, M Miki, K
Citation: K. Sada et al., Molecular recognition of medium-size lactones by enclathration of cholic acid, SUPRAMOL CH, 13(1), 2001, pp. 35

Authors: Hatsukade, Y Kasai, N Takashima, H Kawai, R Kojima, F Ishiyama, A
Citation: Y. Hatsukade et al., Development of an NDE method using SQUIDs for the reconstruction of defectshapes, IEEE APPL S, 11(1), 2001, pp. 1311-1314

Authors: Maeda, Y Fukushima, K Kasai, N Maeta, M Nishizaki, K
Citation: Y. Maeda et al., Quantification of TECTA and DFNA5 expression in the developing mouse cochlea, NEUROREPORT, 12(15), 2001, pp. 3223-3226

Authors: Idogaki, H Kasai, N Takeuchi, M Hatada, M Suzuki, T
Citation: H. Idogaki et al., Preparation of (R)- and (S)-4-chloro-3-acetoxybutyronitrile using microbial resolution, TETRAHEDR-A, 12(3), 2001, pp. 369-373

Authors: Nakayama, Y Imagawa, L Tagashira, M Nakai, M Kudoh, H Sugimoto, M Kasai, N Seguchi, T
Citation: Y. Nakayama et al., Evaluation and analysis of thermal control materials under ground simulation test for space environment effects, HIGH PERF P, 13(3), 2001, pp. S433-S451

Authors: Kikuchi, K Kawasaki, Y Ishii, N Sasaki, Y Asao, T Takeshita, T Miyoshi, I Kasai, N Sugamura, K
Citation: K. Kikuchi et al., Suppression of thymic development by the dominant-negative form of Gads, INT IMMUNOL, 13(6), 2001, pp. 777-783

Authors: Kimura, N Schindler, M Kasai, N Kimura, I
Citation: N. Kimura et al., Immunohistochemical localization of somatostatin receptor type 2A in rat and human tissues, ENDOCR J, 48(1), 2001, pp. 95-102

Authors: Kasai, N Futami, T Mamiya, J Yamauchi, K Okazaki, A Hanari, J
Citation: N. Kasai et al., Digital Packet Video Link for super high resolution display, IEICE TR EL, E84C(11), 2001, pp. 1630-1636

Authors: Sugata, K Fukushima, K Ogawa, T Nakashima, T Sugata, A Kasai, N Gunduz, M Ueki, E Nishizaki, K
Citation: K. Sugata et al., Genetic alteration of penicillin non-susceptible Streptococcus pneumoniae observed throughout recurrence of acute otitis media detected by amplified fragment length polymorphism analysis, ACT MED OKA, 55(3), 2001, pp. 167-174

Authors: Kasai, N Fukushima, K Ueki, Y Prasad, S Nosakowski, J Sugata, K Sugata, A Nishizaki, K Meyer, NC Smith, RJH
Citation: N. Kasai et al., Genomic structures of SCN2A and SCN3A - candidate genes for deafness at the DFNA16 locus, GENE, 264(1), 2001, pp. 113-122

Authors: Sugitani, I Kasai, N Fujimoto, Y Yanagisawa, A
Citation: I. Sugitani et al., Prognostic factors and therapeutic strategy for anaplastic carcinoma of the thyroid, WORLD J SUR, 25(5), 2001, pp. 617-622

Authors: Dubey, JP Lindsay, DS Kerber, CE Kasai, N Pena, HFJ Gennari, SM Kwok, OCH Shen, SK Rosenthal, BM
Citation: Jp. Dubey et al., First isolation of Sarcocystis neurona from the South American opossum, Didelphis albiventris, from Brazil, VET PARASIT, 95(2-4), 2001, pp. 295-304

Authors: Kasai, N Jimbo, Y Niwa, O Matsue, T Torimitsu, K
Citation: N. Kasai et al., Real-time multisite observation of glutamate release in rat hippocampal slices, NEUROSCI L, 304(1-2), 2001, pp. 112-116

Authors: Nagai, M Aoki, M Miyoshi, I Kato, M Pasinelli, P Kasai, N Brown, RH Itoyama, Y
Citation: M. Nagai et al., Rats expressing human cytosolic copper-zinc superoxide dismutase transgenes with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: Associated mutations develop motor neuron disease, J NEUROSC, 21(23), 2001, pp. 9246-9254

Authors: Ishii, K Isono, M Kasai, N Nakano, T Kubo, T Inoue, R Nomura, Y
Citation: K. Ishii et al., Midaortic syndrome in childhood associated with a ruptured cerebral aneurysm: A case report, SURG NEUROL, 55(4), 2001, pp. 209-212

Authors: Nishi, SM Kasai, N Gennari, SM
Citation: Sm. Nishi et al., Antibody levels in goats fed Toxoplasma gondii oocysts, J PARASITOL, 87(2), 2001, pp. 445-447

Authors: Mizushina, Y Kasai, N Sugawara, F Iida, A Yoshida, H Sakaguchi, K
Citation: Y. Mizushina et al., Three-dimensional structural model analysis of the binding site of lithocholic acid, an inhibitor of DNA polymerase beta and DNA topoisomerase II, J BIOCHEM, 130(5), 2001, pp. 657-664

Authors: Tsukada, M Arai, T Freddi, C Imai, T Kasai, N
Citation: M. Tsukada et al., Crafting vinyl monomers onto silk (Bombyx mori) using different initiators: Properties of grafted silk, J APPL POLY, 81(6), 2001, pp. 1401-1409

Authors: Hakamata, Y Tahara, K Uchida, H Sakuma, Y Nakamura, M Kume, A Murakami, T Takahashi, M Takahashi, R Hirabayashi, M Ueda, M Miyoshi, I Kasai, N Kobayashi, E
Citation: Y. Hakamata et al., Green fluorescent protein-transgenic rat: A tool for organ transplantationresearch, BIOC BIOP R, 286(4), 2001, pp. 779-785

Authors: Kasai, N Tsumoto, K Niwa, S Misawa, S Ueno, T Hayashi, H Kumagai, I
Citation: N. Kasai et al., Inhibition of the hepatitis C virus NS3 protease activity by Fv fragment of antibody 8D4, BIOC BIOP R, 281(2), 2001, pp. 416-424

Authors: Kasai, N Suzuki, D Hatsukade, Y Koyanagi, M
Citation: N. Kasai et al., Nondestructive detection of flaw in carbon-fiber-reinforced plastics usinghigh-T-c superconducting quantum interference device, JPN J A P 1, 39(3A), 2000, pp. 1399-1404

Authors: Kasai, N Jimbo, Y Niwa, O Matsue, T Torimitsu, K
Citation: N. Kasai et al., Multichannel glutamate monitoring by electrode array electrochemically immobilized with enzymes, ELECTROCH, 68(11), 2000, pp. 886-889

Authors: Iguchi, M Kasai, N
Citation: M. Iguchi et N. Kasai, Water model study of horizontal molten steel - Ar two-phase jet in a continuous casting mold, MET MAT T B, 31(3), 2000, pp. 453-460
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