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Authors: Bessho, Y Miyoshi, G Sakata, R Kageyama, R
Citation: Y. Bessho et al., Hes7: a bHLH-type repressor gene regulated by Notch and expressed in the presomitic mesoderm, GENES CELLS, 6(2), 2001, pp. 175-185

Authors: Inoue, C Bae, SK Takatsuka, K Inoue, T Bessho, Y Kageyama, R
Citation: C. Inoue et al., Math6, a bHLH gene expressed in the developing nervous system, regulates neuronal versus glial differentiation, GENES CELLS, 6(11), 2001, pp. 977-986

Authors: Haruta, M Kosaka, M Kanegae, Y Saito, I Inoue, T Kageyama, R Nishida, A Honda, Y Takahashi, M
Citation: M. Haruta et al., Induction of photoreceptor-specific phenotypes in adult mammalian iris tissue, NAT NEUROSC, 4(12), 2001, pp. 1163-1164

Authors: Ohno, N Izawa, A Hattori, M Kageyama, R Sudo, T
Citation: N. Ohno et al., dlk inhibits stem cell factor-induced colony formation of murine hematopoietic progenitors: Hes-1-independent effect, STEM CELLS, 19(1), 2001, pp. 71-79

Authors: Hatakeyama, J Tomita, K Inoue, T Kageyama, R
Citation: J. Hatakeyama et al., Roles of homeobox and bHLH genes in specification of a retinal cell type, DEVELOPMENT, 128(8), 2001, pp. 1313-1322

Authors: Bessho, Y Sakata, R Komatsu, S Shiota, K Yamada, S Kageyama, R
Citation: Y. Bessho et al., Dynamic expression and essential functions of Hes7 in somite segmentation, GENE DEV, 15(20), 2001, pp. 2642-2647

Authors: Satow, T Bae, SK Inoue, T Inoue, C Miyoshi, G Tomita, K Bessho, Y Hashimoto, N Kageyama, R
Citation: T. Satow et al., The basic helix-loop-helix gene hesr2 promotes gliogenesis in mouse retina, J NEUROSC, 21(4), 2001, pp. 1265-1273

Authors: Zine, A Aubert, A Qiu, JP Therianos, S Guillemot, F Kageyama, R de Ribaupierre, F
Citation: A. Zine et al., Hes1 and Hes5 activities are required for the normal development of the hair cells in the mammalian inner ear, J NEUROSC, 21(13), 2001, pp. 4712-4720

Authors: Hirata, H Tomita, K Bessho, Y Kageyama, R
Citation: H. Hirata et al., Hes1 and Hes3 regulate maintenance of the isthmic organizer and development of the mid/hindbrain, EMBO J, 20(16), 2001, pp. 4454-4466

Authors: Ito, T Udaka, N Ikeda, M Yazawa, T Kageyama, R Kitamura, H
Citation: T. Ito et al., Significance of proneural basic helix-loop-helix transcription factors in neuroendocrine differentiation of fetal lung epithelial cells and lung carcinoma cells, HIST HISTOP, 16(1), 2001, pp. 335-343

Authors: Nakashima, K Takitawa, T Ochiai, W Yanagisawa, M Hisatsune, T Nakafuku, M Miyazono, K Kishimoto, T Kageyama, R Taga, T
Citation: K. Nakashima et al., BMP2-mediated alteration in the developmental pathway of fetal mouse braincells from neurogenesis to astrocytogenesis, P NAS US, 98(10), 2001, pp. 5868-5873

Authors: Ohtsuka, T Sakamoto, M Guillemot, F Kageyama, R
Citation: T. Ohtsuka et al., Roles of the basic helix-loop-helix genes Hes1 and Hes5 in expansion of neural stem cells of the developing brain, J BIOL CHEM, 276(32), 2001, pp. 30467-30474

Authors: Jensen, J Pedersen, EE Galante, P Hald, J Heller, RS Ishibashi, M Kageyama, R Guillemot, F Serup, P Madsen, OD
Citation: J. Jensen et al., Control sf endodermal endocrine development by Hes-1, NAT GENET, 24(1), 2000, pp. 36-44

Authors: Kageyama, R Ohtsuka, T Tomita, K
Citation: R. Kageyama et al., The bHLH gene Hes1 regulates differentiation of multiple cell types, MOL CELLS, 10(1), 2000, pp. 1-7

Authors: Zheng, JL Shou, JY Guillemot, F Kageyama, R Gao, WQ
Citation: Jl. Zheng et al., Hes1 is a negative regulator of inner ear hair cell differentiation, DEVELOPMENT, 127(21), 2000, pp. 4551-4560

Authors: Ito, T Udaka, N Yazawa, T Okudela, K Hayashi, H Sudo, T Guillemot, F Kageyama, R Kitamura, H
Citation: T. Ito et al., Basic helix-loop-helix transcription factors regulate the neuroendocrine differentiation of fetal mouse pulmonary epithelium, DEVELOPMENT, 127(18), 2000, pp. 3913-3921

Authors: Bae, SK Bessho, Y Hojo, M Kageyama, R
Citation: Sk. Bae et al., The bHLH gene Hes6, an inhibitor of Hes1, promotes neuronal differentiation, DEVELOPMENT, 127(13), 2000, pp. 2933-2943

Authors: Hojo, M Ohtsuka, T Hashimoto, N Gradwohl, G Guillemot, F Kageyama, R
Citation: M. Hojo et al., Glial cell fate specification modulated by the bHLH gene Hes5 in mouse retina, DEVELOPMENT, 127(12), 2000, pp. 2515-2522

Authors: Cau, E Gradwohl, G Casarosa, S Kageyama, R Guillemot, F
Citation: E. Cau et al., Hes genes regulate sequential stages of neurogenesis in the olfactory epithelium, DEVELOPMENT, 127(11), 2000, pp. 2323-2332

Authors: Nakamura, Y Sakakibara, S Miyata, T Ogawa, M Shimazaki, T Weiss, S Kageyama, R Okano, H
Citation: Y. Nakamura et al., The bHLH gene Hes1 as a repressor of the neuronal commitment of CNS stem cells, J NEUROSC, 20(1), 2000, pp. 283-293

Authors: Tomita, K Moriyoshi, K Nakanishi, S Guillemot, F Kageyama, R
Citation: K. Tomita et al., Mammalian achaete-scute and atonal homologs regulate neuronal versus glialfate determination in the central nervous system, EMBO J, 19(20), 2000, pp. 5460-5472

Authors: Sawada, K Konishi, Y Tominaga, M Watanabe, Y Hirano, J Inoue, S Kageyama, R Blum, M Tominaga, A
Citation: K. Sawada et al., Goosecoid suppresses cell growth and enhances neuronal differentiation of PC12 cells, J CELL SCI, 113(15), 2000, pp. 2705-2713

Authors: Hirata, H Ohtsuka, T Bessho, Y Kageyama, R
Citation: H. Hirata et al., Generation of structurally and functionally distinct factors from the basic helix-loop-helix gene Hes3 by alternative first exons, J BIOL CHEM, 275(25), 2000, pp. 19083-19089

Authors: Wakabayashi, N Kageyama, R Habu, T Doi, T Morita, T Nozaki, M Yamamoto, M Nishimune, Y
Citation: N. Wakabayashi et al., A novel cis-acting element regulates HES-1 gene expression in P19 embryonal carcinoma cells treated with retinoic acid, J BIOCHEM, 128(6), 2000, pp. 1087-1095

Authors: Kageyama, R Ohtsuka, T Tomita, K
Citation: R. Kageyama et al., bHLH genes in neural development, RRD NEUROCH, 3, 2000, pp. 1-7
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