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Authors: Skuladottir, GV Jonsson, L Skarphedinsson, JO Mutulis, F Muceniece, R Raine, A Mutule, I Helgason, J Prusis, P Wikberg, JES Schioth, HB
Citation: Gv. Skuladottir et al., Long term orexigenic effect of a novel melanocortin 4 receptor selective antagonist, BR J PHARM, 126(1), 1999, pp. 27-34

Authors: Kobelt, G Eberhardt, K Jonsson, L Jonsson, B
Citation: G. Kobelt et al., Economic consequences of the progression of rheumatoid arthritis in Sweden, ARTH RHEUM, 42(2), 1999, pp. 347-356

Authors: Eriksson, S Malmgren, K Rydenhag, B Jonsson, L Uvebrant, P Nordborg, C
Citation: S. Eriksson et al., Surgical treatment of epilepsy - clinical, radiological and histopathological findings in 139 children and adults, ACT NEUR SC, 99(1), 1999, pp. 8-15

Authors: Forslund, K Pettersson, J Ahmed, E Jonsson, L
Citation: K. Forslund et al., Settling behaviour of Rhopalosiphum padi (L.) in relation to cyanogenic glycosides and gramine contents in barley, ACT AG SC B, 48(2), 1998, pp. 107-112

Authors: Owall, B Jonsson, L
Citation: B. Owall et L. Jonsson, Precision attachment-retained removable partial dentures. Part 3. General practitioner results up to 2 years, INT J PROST, 11(6), 1998, pp. 574-579

Authors: Engstrom, M Jonsson, L Grindlund, M Stalberg, E
Citation: M. Engstrom et al., House-Brackmann and Yanagihara grading scores in relation to electroneurographic results in the time course of Bell's palsy, ACT OTO-LAR, 118(6), 1998, pp. 783-789
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