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Authors: Vermeire, T Jager, T Janssen, G Bos, P Pieters, M
Citation: T. Vermeire et al., A probabilistic human health risk assessment for environmental exposure todibutylphthalate, HUM ECOL R, 7(6), 2001, pp. 1663-1679

Authors: Zurauskiene, N Janssen, G Goovaerts, E Bouwen, A Schoemaker, D Koenraad, PM Wolter, JH
Citation: N. Zurauskiene et al., Optically detected microwave resonance at 95 GHz of exciton states in InAs/GaAs quantum dots, PHYS ST S-B, 224(2), 2001, pp. 551-554

Authors: Bonig, H Silbermann, S Weller, S Kirschke, R Korholz, D Janssen, G Gobel, U Nurnberger, W
Citation: H. Bonig et al., Glycosylated vs non-glycosylated granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) - results of a prospective randomised monocentre study, BONE MAR TR, 28(3), 2001, pp. 259-264

Authors: Janssen, G Bouwen, A Casteels, P Goovaerts, E
Citation: G. Janssen et al., Implementation of optically detected magnetic resonance spectroscopy in a commercial W-band cylindrical cavity, REV SCI INS, 72(11), 2001, pp. 4295-4296

Authors: Buus, CL Pourageaud, F Fazzi, GE Janssen, G Mulvany, MJ De Mey, JGR
Citation: Cl. Buus et al., Smooth muscle cell changes during flow-related remodeling of rat mesenteric resistance arteries, CIRCUL RES, 89(2), 2001, pp. 180-186

Authors: Thoithi, GN Van Schepdael, A Busson, R Janssen, G Van Aerschot, A Herdewijn, P Roets, E Hoogmartens, J
Citation: Gn. Thoithi et al., Investigation of the kinetics of degradation of hexopyranosylated cytosinenucleosides using liquid chromatography, NUCLEOS NUC, 19(1-2), 2000, pp. 189-203

Authors: Janssen, G Bode, U Breu, H Dohrn, B Engelbrecht, V Gobel, U
Citation: G. Janssen et al., Boswellic acids in the palliative therapy of children with progressive or relapsed brain tumors, KLIN PADIAT, 212(4), 2000, pp. 189-195

Authors: Hoch, C Gobel, U Janssen, G
Citation: C. Hoch et al., Psychosocial support of patients with beta-thalassaemia, KLIN PADIAT, 212(4), 2000, pp. 216-219

Authors: Oeff, M Janssen, G
Citation: M. Oeff et G. Janssen, How to ablate: Atriale tachykardie, Z KARDIOL, 89, 2000, pp. 122-127

Authors: Messing-Junger, AM Janssen, G Pape, H Bock, WJ Gobel, U Lenard, HG Schmitt, G
Citation: Am. Messing-junger et al., Interdisciplinary treatment in pediatric patients with malignant CNS tumors, CHILD NERV, 16(10-11), 2000, pp. 742-750

Authors: Prost, W Auer, U Tegude, FJ Pacha, C Goser, KF Janssen, G van der Roer, T
Citation: W. Prost et al., Manufacturability and robust design of nanoelectronic logic circuits basedon resonant tunnelling diodes, INT J CIRCU, 28(6), 2000, pp. 537-552

Authors: Irsfeld, H Korholz, D Janssen, G Wahn, V Schroten, H
Citation: H. Irsfeld et al., Fatal outcome in two girls with Hodgkin disease complicating ataxia-telangiectasia (Louis-Bar syndrome) despite favorable response to modified-dose chemotherapy, MED PED ONC, 34(1), 2000, pp. 62-64

Authors: Janssen, G de Vos, P
Citation: G. Janssen et P. De Vos, On influencing noise legislation and noise-abatement policy, J SOUND VIB, 231(3), 2000, pp. 951-959

Authors: Bostrom, J Janssen, G Messing-Junger, M Felsberg, JU Neuen-Jacob, E Engelbrecht, V Lenard, HG Bock, WJ Reifenberger, G
Citation: J. Bostrom et al., Multiple intracranial juvenile xanthogranulomas, J NEUROSURG, 93(2), 2000, pp. 335-341

Authors: Koning, C Teuwen, L de Jong, R Janssen, G Coussens, B
Citation: C. Koning et al., Polyamides 4.10 and 4.12 and their isomers, HIGH PERF P, 11(4), 1999, pp. 387-394

Authors: Abicht, A Stucka, R Karcagi, V Herczegfalvi, A Horvath, R Mortier, W Schara, U Ramaekers, V Jost, W Brunner, J Janssen, G Seidel, U Schlotter, B Muller-Felber, W Pongratz, D Rudel, R Lochmuller, H
Citation: A. Abicht et al., A common mutation (epsilon 1267delG) in congenital myasthenic patients of Gypsy ethnic origin, NEUROLOGY, 53(7), 1999, pp. 1564-1569

Authors: Lenard, HG Engelbrecht, V Janssen, G Wechsler, W Tautz, C
Citation: Hg. Lenard et al., Complete remission of a diffuse pontine glioma, NEUROPEDIAT, 29(6), 1998, pp. 328-330

Authors: Velling, P Janssen, G Agethen, M Prost, W Tegude, FJ
Citation: P. Velling et al., InGaP/GaAs hole barrier asymmetry determined by (002) X-ray reflections and p-type DB-RTD hole transport, J CRYST GR, 195(1-4), 1998, pp. 117-123

Authors: Velling, P Janssen, G Auer, U Prost, W Tegude, FJ
Citation: P. Velling et al., NAND/NOR logic circuit using single InP-based RTBT, ELECTR LETT, 34(25), 1998, pp. 2390-2392
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