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Authors: Rubenstein, SM Baichwal, V Beckmann, H Clark, DL Frankmoelle, W Roche, D Santha, E Schwender, S Thoolen, M Ye, QP Jaen, JC
Citation: Sm. Rubenstein et al., Hydrophilic, pro-drug analogues of T138067 are efficacious in controlling tumor growth in vivo and show a decreased ability to cross the blood brain barrier, J MED CHEM, 44(22), 2001, pp. 3599-3605

Authors: Plummer, JS Cai, CM Hays, SJ Gilmore, JL Emmerling, MR Michael, W Narasimhan, LS Watson, MD Wang, K Nath, R Evans, LM Jaen, JC
Citation: Js. Plummer et al., Benzenesulfonamide derivatives of 2-substituted 4H-3,1-benzoxazin-4-ones and benzthiazin-4-ones as inhibitors of complement Clr protease, BIOORG MED, 9(6), 1999, pp. 815-820

Authors: Medina, JC Roche, D Shan, B Learned, RM Frankmoelle, WP Clark, DL Rosen, T Jaen, JC
Citation: Jc. Medina et al., Novel halogenated sulfonamides inhibit the growth of multidrug resistant MCF-7/ADR cancer cells, BIOORG MED, 9(13), 1999, pp. 1843-1846

Authors: Shan, B Medina, JC Santha, E Frankmoelle, WP Chou, TC Learned, RM Narbut, MR Stott, D Wu, PG Jaen, JC Rosen, T Timmermans, PBMWM Beckmann, H
Citation: B. Shan et al., Selective, covalent modification of beta-tubulin residue Cys-239 by T138067, an antitumor agent with in vivo efficacy against multidrug-resistant tumors, P NAS US, 96(10), 1999, pp. 5686-5691

Authors: Augelli-Szafran, CE Blankley, CJ Jaen, JC Moreland, DW Nelson, CB Penvose-Yi, JR Schwarz, RD Thomas, AJ
Citation: Ce. Augelli-szafran et al., Identification and characterization of m1 selective muscarinic receptor antagonists, J MED CHEM, 42(3), 1999, pp. 356-363

Authors: Cheng, D Espenshade, PJ Slaughter, CA Jaen, JC Brown, MS Goldstein, JL
Citation: D. Cheng et al., Secreted site-1 protease cleaves peptides corresponding to luminal loop ofsterol regulatory element-binding proteins, J BIOL CHEM, 274(32), 1999, pp. 22805-22812
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