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Authors: Ozeki, Y Ito, N
Citation: Y. Ozeki et N. Ito, Nonequilibrium relaxation study of Ising spin glass models - art. no. 024416, PHYS REV B, 6402(2), 2001, pp. 4416

Authors: Sasaki, R Ito, N Shimamura, M Murakami, T Kuzuhara, S Uchino, M Uyama, E
Citation: R. Sasaki et al., A novel CLCN1 mutation: P480T in a Japanese family with Thomsen's myotoniacongenita, MUSCLE NERV, 24(3), 2001, pp. 357-363

Authors: Ito, N Sawa, H Nagane, M Noguchi, A Hara, M Saito, I
Citation: N. Ito et al., Inhibitory effects of sodium butyrate on proliferation and invasiveness ofhuman glioma cells, NEUROSURGER, 49(2), 2001, pp. 430-436

Authors: Tapon, N Ito, N Dickson, BJ Treisman, JE Hariharan, IK
Citation: N. Tapon et al., The Drosophila tuberous sclerosis complex gene homologs restrict cell growth and cell proliferation, CELL, 105(3), 2001, pp. 345-355

Authors: Ito, N Rubin, GM
Citation: N. Ito et Gm. Rubin, gigas, a Drosophila homolog of tuberous sclerosis gene product-2, regulates the cell cycle (vol 96, pg 529, 1999), CELL, 105(3), 2001, pp. 415-415

Authors: Takahashi, Y Nakayama, H Katagiri, K Ichikawa, K Ito, N Takita, T Takeuchi, T Miyake, T
Citation: Y. Takahashi et al., Facile and practical synthesis of optically pure 1D-chiro-inositol from myo-inositol, TETRAHEDR L, 42(6), 2001, pp. 1053-1056

Authors: Matuttis, HG Ito, N
Citation: Hg. Matuttis et N. Ito, Some findings on the minus-sign problem for the Hubbard model in the projector quantum Monte Carlo method, J PHYS JPN, 70(6), 2001, pp. 1519-1522

Authors: Watanabe, H Yukawa, S Ito, N Hu, CK Lin, CY Ma, WJ
Citation: H. Watanabe et al., Polydispersity effect and universality of finite-size scaling function, J PHYS JPN, 70(6), 2001, pp. 1537-1542

Authors: Ito, N Takayama, M Yamada, K Sugiyama, M Minamoto, N
Citation: N. Ito et al., Rescue of rabies virus from cloned cDNA and identification of the pathogenicity-related gene: Glycoprotein gene is associated with virulence for adult mice, J VIROLOGY, 75(19), 2001, pp. 9121-9128

Authors: Kamada, Y Nagaretani, H Tamura, S Ohama, T Maruyama, T Hiraoka, H Yamashita, S Yamada, A Kiso, S Inui, Y Ito, N Kayanoki, Y Kawata, S Matsuzawa, Y
Citation: Y. Kamada et al., Vascular endothelial dysfunction resulting from L-arginine deficiency in apatient with lysinuric protein intolerance, J CLIN INV, 108(5), 2001, pp. 717-724

Authors: Kabayama, K Ito, N Honke, K Igarashi, Y Inokuchi, J
Citation: K. Kabayama et al., Suppression of integrin expression and tumorigenicity by sulfation of lactosylceramide in 3LL Lewis lung carcinoma cells, J BIOL CHEM, 276(29), 2001, pp. 26777-26783

Authors: Ito, N Nureki, O Shirouzu, M Yokoyama, S Hanaoka, F
Citation: N. Ito et al., Crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of a DNA primase from hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus horikoshii, J BIOCHEM, 130(6), 2001, pp. 727-730

Authors: Tani, Y Yoshi, K Ito, N Nara, F Soma, M Tanaka, A Soma, Y Yonada, M Hirota, M Shibata, Y
Citation: Y. Tani et al., Distribution of photosynthetic pigments and other biogenic compounds in the sediments from the Southern basin of Lake Baikal, GEOL GEOFIZ, 42(1-2), 2001, pp. 206-212

Authors: Yamakawa, H Mitsuhara, I Ito, N Seo, S Kamada, H Ohashi, Y
Citation: H. Yamakawa et al., Transcriptionally and post-transcriptionally regulated response of 13 calmodulin genes to tobacco mosaic virus-induced cell death and wounding in tobacco plant, EUR J BIOCH, 268(14), 2001, pp. 3916-3929

Authors: Tamura, H Ito, N Kitano, M Takasaki, S
Citation: H. Tamura et al., A kinetic model of the dissolution of copper(II) oxide in EDTA solutions considering the coupling of metal and oxide ion transfer, CORROS SCI, 43(9), 2001, pp. 1675-1691

Authors: Kawata, S Yamasaki, E Nagase, T Inui, Y Ito, N Matsuda, Y Inada, M Tamura, S Noda, S Imai, Y Matsuzawa, Y
Citation: S. Kawata et al., Effect of pravastatin on survival in patients with advanced hepatocellularcarcinoma. A randomized controlled trial, BR J CANC, 84(7), 2001, pp. 886-891

Authors: Kawamura, K Sarukura, N Hirano, M Ito, N Hosono, H
Citation: K. Kawamura et al., Periodic nanostructure array in crossed holographic gratings on silica glass by two interfered infrared-femtosecond laser pulses, APPL PHYS L, 79(9), 2001, pp. 1228-1230

Authors: Saitoh, H Takamatsu, H Tanaka, D Ito, N Ohshio, S Ito, H
Citation: H. Saitoh et al., Synthesis of amorphous carbon nitride films using dissociative excitation reaction, JPN J A P 1, 39(3A), 2000, pp. 1258-1263

Authors: Ito, H Ito, N Takahashi, T Takamatsu, H Tanaka, D Saitoh, H
Citation: H. Ito et al., Mechanism of nitrogen incorporation into amorphous-CNx films formed by plasma-enhanced chemical-vapor deposition of the doublet and quartet states ofthe CN radical, JPN J A P 1, 39(3A), 2000, pp. 1371-1377

Authors: Ito, N Imaida, K Asamoto, M Shirai, T
Citation: N. Ito et al., Early detection of carcinogenic substances and modifiers in rats, MUT RES-R M, 462(2-3), 2000, pp. 209-217

Authors: Ito, N Hattori, I
Citation: N. Ito et I. Hattori, Exciting moment analysis of V-type engine (14-cylinder V-type engine), JSME C, 43(2), 2000, pp. 311-317

Authors: Nagata, H Kojima, T Kubota, N Tokunaga, Y Sano, M Sasanabe, R Horikoshi, I Ito, N Kanemitsu, T Naruse, T
Citation: H. Nagata et al., Mitogenic activity of gelatin to murine spleen cells, CANC BIO R, 15(3), 2000, pp. 279-283

Authors: Ito, N Takahashi, K
Citation: N. Ito et K. Takahashi, Differential geometrical conditions of hypoid gears with conjugate tooth surfaces, J MEC DESIG, 122(3), 2000, pp. 323-330

Authors: Nakamura, H Ito, N Kotake, F Mizokami, Y Matsuoka, T
Citation: H. Nakamura et al., Tumor-detecting capacity and clinical usefulness of SPIO-MRI in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma, J GASTRO, 35(11), 2000, pp. 849-855

Authors: Iwai, Y Ito, N Saito, H
Citation: Y. Iwai et al., Influence of oxygen partial pressure on the solubility of PbO in Bi2.13-xPbxSr1.87CuOy and Bi2Sr2-xPbxCuOy systems, PHYSICA C, 338(3), 2000, pp. 227-234
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