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Authors: Abe, H Yamashita, S Satoh, T Hoshi, H
Citation: H. Abe et al., Accumulation of cytoplasmic lipid droplets in bovine embryos and cryotolerance of embryos developed in different culture systems using serum-free or serum-containing media, MOL REPROD, 61(1), 2002, pp. 57-66

Authors: Hoshi, H Shin, KC Chung, DH Ishikawa, K Takezoe, H
Citation: H. Hoshi et al., Enhancement of second-harmonic generation in helical ferroelectric liquid-crystal cells under oblique incidence, JPN J A P 2, 40(9AB), 2001, pp. L970-L972

Authors: Fujita, S Chiba, I Ishizuka, M Hoshi, H Iwata, H Sakakibara, A Tanabe, S Kazusaka, A Masuda, M Masuda, Y Nakagawa, H
Citation: S. Fujita et al., P450 in wild animals as a biomarker of environmental impact, BIOMARKERS, 6(1), 2001, pp. 19-25

Authors: Hoshi, H Yokoyama, M
Citation: H. Hoshi et M. Yokoyama, Paleomagnetism of Miocene dikes in the Shitara basin and the tectonic evolution of central Honshu, Japan, EARTH PL SP, 53(7), 2001, pp. 731-739

Authors: Hoshi, H Tsuyoshi, A Akiba, K
Citation: H. Hoshi et al., Separation of americium by high-speed countercurrent chromatography using Cyanex 301 as a stationary phase, SOL EX R D, 8, 2001, pp. 159-164

Authors: Hoshi, H Chung, DH Ishikawa, K Takezoe, H
Citation: H. Hoshi et al., Special phase matching of second-harmonic generation in helical ferroelectric liquid crystal cells - art. no. 056610, PHYS REV E, 6305(5), 2001, pp. 6610

Authors: Kanematsu, M Itoh, K Matsuo, M Maetani, Y Ametani, F Kondo, H Kato, H Hoshi, H
Citation: M. Kanematsu et al., Malignant hepatic tumor detection with ferumoxides-enhanced MR imaging with a 1.5-T system: Comparison of four imaging pulse sequences, J MAGN R I, 13(2), 2001, pp. 249-257

Authors: Takai, S Shiratori, Y Kanematsu, M Yamazaki, K Naiki, T Yasuda, I Nagaki, M Murakami, N Kato, T Takao, H Shimokawa, K Hoshi, H Saji, S Moriwaki, H
Citation: S. Takai et al., Usefulness of MR imaging in the postsurgical monitoring of gallbladder cancer in a patient with bile duct cancer that developed 7 years after resection of mucinous adenocarcinoma of the gallbladder, J GASTRO, 36(11), 2001, pp. 787-789

Authors: Matsuo, M Kanematsu, M Kondo, H Asano, T Tomimatsu, H Manabe, T Hoshi, H
Citation: M. Matsuo et al., Confluent hepatic fibrosis in cirrhosis: ferumoxides-enhanced MR imaging findings, ABDOM IMAG, 26(2), 2001, pp. 146-148

Authors: Toyama, H Emoto, Y Ito, K Mizuno, S Ohashi, I Nakamura, M Nomura, M Matsumura, K Ichise, M Kako, N Tohyama, J Ohno, K Watanabe, Y Kudo, G Hattori, H Kikukawa, K Fujii, N Senda, K Hoshi, H Koga, S Katada, K
Citation: H. Toyama et al., Simple and low-cost tele-nuclear medicine conference system with the e-mail protocol, ANN NUCL M, 15(5), 2001, pp. 465-470

Authors: Matsuo, M Kanematsu, M Itoh, K Ito, K Maetani, Y Kondo, H Kako, N Matsunaga, N Hoshi, H Shiraishi, J
Citation: M. Matsuo et al., Detection of malignant hepatic tumors: Comparison of gadolinium- and ferumoxide-enhanced MR imaging, AM J ROENTG, 177(3), 2001, pp. 637-643

Authors: Kondo, H Kanematsu, M Shiratori, Y Itoh, K Murakami, T Hori, M Yasuda, I Matsuo, M Nakamura, H Hoshi, H Moriwaki, H
Citation: H. Kondo et al., MR cholangiography with volume rendering: Receiver operating characteristic curve analysis in patients with choledocholithiasis, AM J ROENTG, 176(5), 2001, pp. 1183-1189

Authors: Matsuo, M Kanematsu, M Kato, H Kondo, H Sugisaki, K Hoshi, H
Citation: M. Matsuo et al., Osler-Weber-Rendu disease: Visualizing portovenous shunting with three-dimensional sonography, AM J ROENTG, 176(4), 2001, pp. 919-920

Authors: Hoshi, H Tsuyoshi, A Akiba, K
Citation: H. Hoshi et al., High-speed countercurrent chromatography for separation of americium from lanthanoids, J RAD NUCL, 249(3), 2001, pp. 547-550

Authors: Mimura, H Hoshi, H Akiba, K Onodera, Y
Citation: H. Mimura et al., Separation of americium from europium by biopolymer microcapsules enclosing Cyanex 301 extractant, J RAD NUCL, 247(2), 2001, pp. 375-379

Authors: Yoshino, M Uemura, T Takahashi, T Watanabe, T Hoshi, H Ohuchi, K Nakamura, M Fujita, H Sakamoto, T Takatani, S
Citation: M. Yoshino et al., Design and evaluation of a single-pivot supported centrifugal blood pump, ARTIF ORGAN, 25(9), 2001, pp. 683-687

Authors: Mimura, H Ohta, H Hoshi, H Akiba, K Onodera, Y
Citation: H. Mimura et al., Uptake properties of palladium for biopolymer microcapsules enclosing Cyanex 302 extractant, SEP SCI TEC, 36(1), 2001, pp. 31-44

Authors: Takahashi, Y Sukegawa, K Aoki, M Ito, A Suzuki, K Sakaguchi, H Watanabe, M Isogai, K Mizuno, S Hoshi, H Kuwata, K Tomatsu, S Kato, S Ito, T Kondo, N Orii, T
Citation: Y. Takahashi et al., Evaluation of accumulated mucopolysaccharides in the brain of patients with mucopolysaccharidoses by H-1-magnetic resonance spectroscopy before and after bone marrow transplantation, PEDIAT RES, 49(3), 2001, pp. 349-355

Authors: Hoshi, H Horie, K Tanaka, K Nagata, H Aizawa, S Hiramoto, M Ryouke, T Aijima, H
Citation: H. Hoshi et al., Patterns of age-dependent changes in the numbers of lymph follicles and germinal centres in somatic and mesenteric lymph nodes in growing C57Bl/6 mice, J ANAT, 198, 2001, pp. 189-205

Authors: Maetani, I Ukita, T Inoue, H Igarashi, Y Hoshi, H Sakai, Y
Citation: I. Maetani et al., Transpapillary microwave coagulation therapy for recanalizing self-expandable metallic stents occluded by tumor ingrowth: Initial experience, ENDOSCOPY, 33(8), 2001, pp. 719-723

Authors: Kiryu, T Hoshi, H Matsui, E Iwata, H Kokubo, M Shimokawa, K Kawaguchi, S
Citation: T. Kiryu et al., Endotracheal/endobronchial metastases - Clinicopathologic study with special reference to developmental modes, CHEST, 119(3), 2001, pp. 768-775

Authors: Matsuo, M Kanematsu, M Inaba, Y Matsueda, K Yamagami, T Kondo, H Arai, Y Hoshi, H
Citation: M. Matsuo et al., Pre-operative detection of malignant hepatic tumours: Value of combined helical CT during arterial portography and biphasic CT during hepatic anteriography, CLIN RADIOL, 56(2), 2001, pp. 138-145

Authors: Shiku, H Shiraishi, T Ohya, H Matsue, T Abe, H Hoshi, H Kobayashi, M
Citation: H. Shiku et al., Oxygen consumption of single bovine embryos probed by scanning electrochemical microscopy, ANALYT CHEM, 73(15), 2001, pp. 3751-3758

Authors: Tokita, K Hoshi, H
Citation: K. Tokita et H. Hoshi, Fabrication of PbTiO3/Pt/Yttria stabilized ZrO2 heteroepitaxial films on Si substrate, JPN J A P 1, 39(9B), 2000, pp. 5399-5402

Authors: Skiku, H Shiraishi, T Ohya, H Matsue, T Abe, H Hoshi, H Kobayashi, M
Citation: H. Skiku et al., Monitoring activity of living cells entrapped in a membrane-sealed microcapillary with scanning electrochemical microscopy, ELECTROCH, 68(11), 2000, pp. 890-892
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