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Authors: Kyes, S Horrocks, P Newbold, C
Citation: S. Kyes et al., Antigenic variation at the infected red cell surface in malaria, ANN R MICRO, 55, 2001, pp. 673-707

Authors: Bowman, S Horrocks, P
Citation: S. Bowman et P. Horrocks, Assessing the impact of Plasmodium falciparum genome sequencing, MICROBES IN, 2(12), 2000, pp. 1479-1487

Authors: Horrocks, P Newbold, CI
Citation: P. Horrocks et Ci. Newbold, Intraerythrocytic polyubiquitin expression in Plasmodium falciparum is subjected to developmental and heat-hock control, MOL BIOCH P, 105(1), 2000, pp. 115-125

Authors: Horrocks, P Bowman, S Kyes, S Waters, AP Craig, A
Citation: P. Horrocks et al., Entering the post-genomic era of malaria research, B WHO, 78(12), 2000, pp. 1424-1437

Authors: Wunsch, S Horrocks, P Gekle, M Lanzer, M
Citation: S. Wunsch et al., Single-cell in vivo measurements of ion concentrations within the intracellular parasite Plasmodium falciparum, PARASIT TOD, 15(5), 1999, pp. 198-200

Authors: Horrocks, P Lanzer, M
Citation: P. Horrocks et M. Lanzer, Mutational analysis identifies a five base pair cis-acting sequence essential for GBP130 promoter activity in Plasmodium falciparum, MOL BIOCH P, 99(1), 1999, pp. 77-87

Authors: Bowman, S Lawson, D Basham, D Brown, D Chillingworth, T Churcher, CM Craig, A Davies, RM Devlin, K Feltwell, T Gentles, S Gwilliam, R Hamlin, N Harris, D Holroyd, S Hornsby, T Horrocks, P Jagels, K Jassal, B Kyes, S McLean, J Moule, S Mungall, K Murphy, L Oliver, K Quail, MA Rajandream, MA Rutter, S Skelton, J Squares, R Squares, S Sulston, JE Whitehead, S Woodward, JR Newbold, C Barrell, BG
Citation: S. Bowman et al., The complete nucleotide sequence of chromosome 3 of Plasmodium falciparum, NATURE, 400(6744), 1999, pp. 532-538

Authors: Berry, C Humphreys, MJ Matharu, P Granger, R Horrocks, P Moon, RP Certa, U Ridley, RG Bur, D Kay, J
Citation: C. Berry et al., A distinct member of the aspartic proteinase gene family from the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum, FEBS LETTER, 447(2-3), 1999, pp. 149-154

Authors: Tosh, K Cheesman, S Horrocks, P Kilbey, B
Citation: K. Tosh et al., Plasmodium falciparum: Stage-related expression of topoisomerase I, EXP PARASIT, 91(2), 1999, pp. 126-132
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