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Authors: Shibata, N Das, BK Honjo, H Takeuchi, Y
Citation: N. Shibata et al., Synthesis of nonpolar peptide nucleic acid monomers containing fluoroaromatics, J CHEM S P1, (14), 2001, pp. 1605-1611

Authors: Koshiba, H Kitawaki, J Ishihara, H Kado, N Kusuki, I Tsukamoto, K Honjo, H
Citation: H. Koshiba et al., Progesterone inhibition of functional leptin receptor mRNA expression in human endometrium, MOL HUM REP, 7(6), 2001, pp. 567-572

Authors: Higashi, T Tobiyama, M Horita, F Sajimoto, M Shimada, K Tanaka, K Honjo, H
Citation: T. Higashi et al., Determination of estriol-3-sulfate-16-glucuronide in pregnancy serum usingLC/tandem MS, J LIQ CHR R, 24(4), 2001, pp. 509-519

Authors: Ito, S Kume, H Honjo, H Katoh, H Kodama, I Yamaki, K Hayashi, H
Citation: S. Ito et al., Possible involvement of Rho kinase in Ca2+ sensitization and mobilization by MCh in tracheal smooth muscle, AM J P-LUNG, 280(6), 2001, pp. L1218-L1224

Authors: Sato, S Yajima, A Sasaki, H Mizutani, K Honjo, H Yamamoto, K Ozaki, M Hasegawa, K Kudo, T Yakushiji, M Hatae, M Noda, K
Citation: S. Sato et al., Prognostic value of thymidine phosphorylase immunostaining in patients with uterine cervical cancer treated concurrently with doxifluridine, radiotherapy and immunotherapy, ONCOL REP, 8(2), 2001, pp. 239-244

Authors: Yamamoto, K Noda, K Hatae, M Kudo, T Hasegawa, K Nishimura, R Honjo, H Yajima, A Sato, S Mizutani, K Yakushiji, M Terashima, Y Ochiai, K Sasaki, H Ozaki, M
Citation: K. Yamamoto et al., Effects of concomitant use of doxifluridine, radiotherapy and immunotherapy in patients with advanced cervical cancer, ONCOL REP, 8(2), 2001, pp. 273-277

Authors: Honjo, H Kikuchi, N Hosoda, T Kariya, K Kinoshita, Y Iwasa, K Ohkubo, T Tanaka, K Tamura, T Urabe, M Kawata, M
Citation: H. Honjo et al., Alzheimer's disease and estrogen, J STEROID B, 76(1-5), 2001, pp. 227-230

Authors: Hosoda, T Nakajima, H Honjo, H
Citation: T. Hosoda et al., Estrogen protects neuronal cells from amyloid beta-induced apoptotic cell death, NEUROREPORT, 12(9), 2001, pp. 1965-1970

Authors: Shibata, N Inada, S Mitsui, K Honjo, H Yamamoto, M Niwa, R Boyett, MR Kodama, I
Citation: N. Shibata et al., Pacemaker shift in the rabbit sinoatrial node in response to vagal nerve stimulation, EXP PHYSIOL, 86(2), 2001, pp. 177-184

Authors: Numazawa, M Satoh, S Nagaoka, M Honjo, H Osawa, Y
Citation: M. Numazawa et al., Identification of 16 alpha,19-dihydroxyandrostenedione in the serum of pregnant women by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, BIOL PHAR B, 24(8), 2001, pp. 947-949

Authors: Kusuki, I Kitawaki, J Ishihara, H Koshiba, H Kado, N Ohshima, K Honjo, H
Citation: I. Kusuki et al., Immunohistochemical localization of aromatase and apoptosis-associated proteins in ovarian serous cystadenocarcinoma arising from ovarian endometriosis, EUR J OB GY, 98(1), 2001, pp. 114-118

Authors: Kitawaki, J Obayashi, H Ishihara, H Koshiba, H Kusuki, I Kado, N Tsukamoto, K Hasegawa, G Nakamura, N Honjo, H
Citation: J. Kitawaki et al., Oestrogen receptor-alpha gene polymorphism is associated with endometriosis, adenomyosis and leiomyomata, HUM REPR, 16(1), 2001, pp. 51-55

Authors: Yamamoto, T Takeuchi, K Okuda, C Nagashima, N Honjo, H Sakurai, N Yoshizaki, H Kuyama, Y
Citation: T. Yamamoto et al., Symptomatic hypothyroidism in decompensated liver cirrhosis, J CLIN GAST, 33(2), 2001, pp. 172-173

Authors: Kataoka, Y Iijima, N Yano, T Kakihara, K Hayashi, S Hinuma, S Honjo, H Hayashi, S Tanaka, M Ibata, Y
Citation: Y. Kataoka et al., Gonadal regulation of PrRP mRNA expression in the nucleus tractus solitarius and ventral and lateral reticular nuclei of the rat, MOL BRAIN R, 87(1), 2001, pp. 42-47

Authors: Yamamoto, T Takeuchi, K Okuda, C Honjo, H Sakurai, N Watanabe, G Mori, M Kuyama, Y
Citation: T. Yamamoto et al., Two small intrahepatic cholangiocarcinomas with different sonographic appearances, J CLIN ULTR, 29(6), 2001, pp. 344-348

Authors: Lei, M Honjo, H Kodama, I Boyett, MR
Citation: M. Lei et al., Heterogeneous expression of the delayed-rectifier K+ currents i(K,r) and i(K,s) in rabbit sinoatrial node cells, J PHYSL LON, 535(3), 2001, pp. 703-714

Authors: Emdad, L Uzzaman, M Takagishi, Y Honjo, H Uchida, T Severs, NJ Kodama, I Murata, Y
Citation: L. Emdad et al., Gap junction remodeling in hypertrophied left ventricles of aortic-banded rats: Prevention by angiotensin II type 1 receptor blockade, J MOL CEL C, 33(2), 2001, pp. 219-231

Authors: Dobrzynski, H Marples, DDR Musa, H Yamanushi, TT Henderson, Z Takagishi, Y Honjo, H Kodama, I Boyett, MR
Citation: H. Dobrzynski et al., Distribution of the muscarinic K+ channel proteins Kir3.1 and Kir3.4 in the ventricle, atrium, and sinoatrial node of heart, J HIST CYTO, 49(10), 2001, pp. 1221-1234

Authors: Ishihara, K Nakada, M Fukami, E Nagahara, K Honjo, H Ohashi, K
Citation: K. Ishihara et al., Read performance of tunneling magnetoresistive heads, IEEE MAGNET, 37(4), 2001, pp. 1687-1690

Authors: Kitaya, K Yasuda, J Fushiki, S Honjo, H
Citation: K. Kitaya et al., Localization of interferon regulatory factor-1 in human endometrium throughout the menstrual cycle, FERT STERIL, 75(5), 2001, pp. 992-996

Authors: Sugiura, T Kuroda, H Ito, D Honjo, H
Citation: T. Sugiura et al., Correlations between specific gravity and soluble solids concentration in grape berries, J JPN S HOR, 70(3), 2001, pp. 380-384

Authors: Kikuchi, N Urabe, M Iwasa, K Okubo, T Tsuchiya, H Hosoda, T Tatsumi, H Honjo, H
Citation: N. Kikuchi et al., Atheroprotective effect of estriol and estrone sulfate on human vascular smooth muscle cells, J STEROID B, 72(1-2), 2000, pp. 71-78

Authors: Okubo, T Urabe, M Tsuchiya, H Iwasa, K Yokota, K Kikuchi, N Yamamoto, T Honjo, H
Citation: T. Okubo et al., Effect of estrogen and progesterone on gene expression of growth regulatory molecules and proto-oncogene in vascular smooth muscle cells, ENDOCR J, 47(3), 2000, pp. 205-214

Authors: Zhang, H Holden, AV Kodama, I Honjo, H Lei, M Varghese, T Boyett, MR
Citation: H. Zhang et al., Mathematical models of action potentials in the periphery and center of the rabbit sinoatrial node, AM J P-HEAR, 279(1), 2000, pp. H397-H421

Authors: Kodama, I Sakuma, I Shibata, N Knisley, SB Niwa, R Honjo, H
Citation: I. Kodama et al., Regional differences in arrhythmogenic aftereffects of high intensity DC stimulation in the ventricles, PACE, 23(5), 2000, pp. 807-817
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