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Authors: Hollis, J Valentine, T
Citation: J. Hollis et T. Valentine, Proper-name processing: Are proper names pure referencing expressions?, J EXP PSY L, 27(1), 2001, pp. 99-116

Authors: Pinney, JM Ahluwalia, JS Arkin, EB Fiore, M Glynn, T Gruman, JC Henningfield, JE Hollis, J Hughes, JR Maule, CO Neff, R Ockene, J Orleans, CT Shiffman, S Slade, J
Citation: Jm. Pinney et al., Realignment of the nation's tobacco agenda: The need to treat tobacco dependence, PREV MED, 32(2), 2001, pp. 95-100

Authors: Hollis, J
Citation: J. Hollis, In memoriam - James (Joe) Ferguson, J GEOGR, 100(5), 2001, pp. 182-183

Authors: Hill, PSM Hollis, J Wells, H
Citation: Psm. Hill et al., Foraging decisions in nectarivores: unexpected interactions between flowerconstancy and energetic rewards, ANIM BEHAV, 62, 2001, pp. 729-737

Authors: Cakmak, I Cook, P Hollis, J Shah, N Huntley, D van Valkenburg, D Wells, H
Citation: I. Cakmak et al., Africanized honey bee response to differences in reward frequency, J APICULT R, 38(3-4), 1999, pp. 125-136

Authors: Linders, JBHJ Adriaanse, PI Allen, R Capri, E Gouy, V Hollis, J Jarvis, N Klein, M Maier, WM Maund, S Russell, M Teixeira, JL Vizantinopoulos, S Yon, D
Citation: Jbhj. Linders et al., FOCUS scenarios for assessing pesticide movement to surface water in EU registration, 1999 BRIGHTON CONFERENCE: WEEDS, VOLS 1-3, 1999, pp. 537-542
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