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Authors: Zhang, JL Hu, Y Matsuoka, M Yamashita, H Minagawa, M Hidaka, H Anpo, M
Citation: Jl. Zhang et al., Relationship between the local structures of titanium oxide photocatalystsand their reactivities in the decomposition of NO, J PHYS CH B, 105(35), 2001, pp. 8395-8398

Authors: Higashimoto, S Matsuoka, M Zhang, SG Yamashita, H Kitao, O Hidaka, H Anpo, M
Citation: S. Higashimoto et al., Characterization of the VS-1 catalyst using various spectroscopic techniques and its unique photocatalytic reactivity for the decomposition of NO in the absence and presence of C3H8, MICROP M M, 48(1-3), 2001, pp. 329-335

Authors: Hidaka, H Tsuchiyama, T Takaki, S
Citation: H. Hidaka et al., Relation between microstructure and hardness in Fe-C alloys with ultra fine grained structure, SCR MATER, 44(8-9), 2001, pp. 1503-1506

Authors: Horikoshi, S Watanabe, N Mukae, M Hidaka, H Serpone, N
Citation: S. Horikoshi et al., Mechanistic examination of the titania photocatalyzed oxidation of ethanolamines, NEW J CHEM, 25(8), 2001, pp. 999-1005

Authors: Nakabayashi, T Kumagai, T Yamauchi, K Sugano, M Kuramoto, A Fujita, K Hidaka, H Tozuka, M
Citation: T. Nakabayashi et al., Evaluation of the automatic fluorescent image analyzer, Image Titer, for quantitative analysis of antinuclear antibodies, AM J CLIN P, 115(3), 2001, pp. 424-429

Authors: Ota, H Hayama, M Nakayama, J Hidaka, H Honda, T Ishii, K Fukushima, M Uehara, T Kurihara, M Ishihara, K Hotta, K Katsuyama, T
Citation: H. Ota et al., Cell lineage specificity of newly raised monoclonal antibodies against gastric mucins in normal, metaplastic, and neoplastic human tissues and their application to pathology diagnosis, AM J CLIN P, 115(1), 2001, pp. 69-79

Authors: Lee, MH Lu, K Hazard, S Yu, HW Shulenin, S Hidaka, H Kojima, H Allikmets, R Sakuma, N Pegoraro, R Srivastava, AK Salen, G Dean, M Patel, SB
Citation: Mh. Lee et al., Identification of a gene, ABCG5, important in the regulation of dietary cholesterol absorption, NAT GENET, 27(1), 2001, pp. 79-83

Authors: Lee, MH Gordon, D Ott, J Lu, KM Ose, L Miettinen, T Gylling, H Stalenhoef, AF Pandya, A Hidaka, H Brewer, B Kojima, H Sakuma, N Pegoraro, R Salen, G Patel, SB
Citation: Mh. Lee et al., Fine mapping of a gene responsible for regulating dietary cholesterol absorption; founder effects underlie cases of phytosterolaemia in multiple communities, EUR J HUM G, 9(5), 2001, pp. 375-384

Authors: Horikoshi, S Satou, Y Hidaka, H Serpone, N
Citation: S. Horikoshi et al., Enhanced photocurrent generation and photooxidation of benzene sulfonate in a continuous flow reactor using hybrid TiO2 thin films immobilized on OTEelectrodes, J PHOTOCH A, 146(1-2), 2001, pp. 109-119

Authors: Horikoshi, S Hidaka, H
Citation: S. Horikoshi et H. Hidaka, Photodegradation mechanism of heterocyclic two-nitrogen containing compounds in aqueous TiO2 dispersions by computer simulation, J PHOTOCH A, 141(2-3), 2001, pp. 201-207

Authors: Zhang, TY Oyama, T Aoshima, A Hidaka, H Zhao, JC Serpone, N
Citation: Ty. Zhang et al., Photooxidative N-demethylation of methylene blue in aqueous TiO2 dispersions under UV irradiation, J PHOTOCH A, 140(2), 2001, pp. 163-172

Authors: Hidaka, H Ajisaka, K Horikoshi, S Oyama, T Takeuchi, K Zhao, J Serpone, N
Citation: H. Hidaka et al., Comparative assessment of the efficiency of TiO2/OTE thin film electrodes fabricated by three deposition methods - Photoelectrochemical degradation of the DBS anionic surfactant, J PHOTOCH A, 138(2), 2001, pp. 185-192

Authors: Horikoshi, S Hidaka, H Serpone, N
Citation: S. Horikoshi et al., Photocatalyzed degradation of polymers in aqueous semiconductor suspensions V. Photomineralization of lactam ring-pendant polyvinylpyrrolidone at titania/water interfaces, J PHOTOCH A, 138(1), 2001, pp. 69-77

Authors: Saitoh, K Hidaka, H Shinagawa, N Kobayashi, T
Citation: K. Saitoh et al., Vehicle motion in large and small cities and teletraffic characterization in cellular communication systems, IEICE TR CO, E84B(4), 2001, pp. 805-813

Authors: Hidaka, H Saitoh, K Shinagawa, N Kobayashi, I
Citation: H. Hidaka et al., Teletraffic characteristics of cellular communication for different types of vehicle motion, IEICE TR CO, E84B(3), 2001, pp. 558-565

Authors: Orito, A Kumanogoh, H Yasaka, K Sokawa, J Hidaka, H Sokawa, Y Maekawa, S
Citation: A. Orito et al., Calcium-dependent association of annexin VI, protein kinase C alpha, and neurocalcin alpha on the raft fraction derived from the synaptic plasma membrane of rat brain, J NEUROSC R, 64(3), 2001, pp. 235-241

Authors: Corns, RA Hidaka, H Santer, RM
Citation: Ra. Corns et al., Decreased neurocalcin immunoreactivity in sympathetic and parasympathetic neurons of the major pelvic ganglion in aged rats, NEUROSCI L, 297(2), 2001, pp. 81-84

Authors: Matsumoto, H Nakao, T Okada, T Nagaoka, Y Shino, T Yoshino, M Hidaka, H
Citation: H. Matsumoto et al., Initial remission-inducing effect of very low-dose cyclosporin monotherapyfor minimal-change nephrotic syndrome in Japanese adults, CLIN NEPHR, 55(2), 2001, pp. 143-148

Authors: Okabe, K Yamaguchi, Y Takai, E Ohshiro, H Zhang, JL Hidaka, H Ishihara, K Uchino, S Furuhashi, T Yamada, S Mori, K Ogawa, M
Citation: K. Okabe et al., CD45RC(-) gamma delta(+) T-cell infiltration is associated with immunologic unresponsiveness induced by prior donor-specific blood transfusion in rathepatic allografts, HEPATOLOGY, 33(4), 2001, pp. 877-886

Authors: Hidaka, H Tozuka, M Hidaka, E Yamauchi, K Ota, H Honda, T Katsuyama, T
Citation: H. Hidaka et al., Characterization of an apolipoprotein E3 variant (Arg 145 -> His) associated with mild hypertriglyceridemia, ANN CLIN L, 31(2), 2001, pp. 163-170

Authors: Zhang, TY Oyama, T Horikoshi, S Zhao, JC Hidaka, H Serpone, N
Citation: Ty. Zhang et al., Assessment and influence of operational parameters on the TiO2 photocatalytic degradation of sodium benzene sulfonate under highly concentrated solarlight illumination, SOLAR ENERG, 71(5), 2001, pp. 305-313

Authors: Aizawa, T Kaneko, T Yamauchi, K Yajima, H Nishizawa, T Yada, T Matsukawa, H Nagai, M Yamada, S Sato, Y Komatsu, M Itoh, N Hidaka, H Kajimoto, Y Hashizume, K
Citation: T. Aizawa et al., Size-related and size-unrelated functional heterogeneity among pancreatic islets, LIFE SCI, 69(22), 2001, pp. 2627-2639

Authors: Zhang, JL Yamaguchi, Y Mori, K Okabe, K Hidaka, H Ohshiro, H Uchino, S Ishihara, K Furuhashi, T Yamada, S Ogawa, M
Citation: Jl. Zhang et al., A serine protease inhibitor, N-alpha-tosyl-L-lysine chloromethyl ketone, prolongs rat hepatic allograft survival, J SURG RES, 96(2), 2001, pp. 296-303

Authors: Taketomi, T Sugiyama, E Uemura, K Hara, A Hidaka, H Tozuka, M Nakabayashi, T Katsuyama, T
Citation: T. Taketomi et al., Confirmation of minor components of less polar neutral and acidic glycolipids in monkey brain tissue, J LIPID RES, 42(5), 2001, pp. 873-885

Authors: Hidaka, E Ota, H Hidaka, H Hayama, M Matsuzawa, K Akamatsu, T Nakayama, J Katsuyama, T
Citation: E. Hidaka et al., Helicobacter pylori and two ultrastructurally distinct layers of gastric mucous cell mucins in the surface mucous gel layer, GUT, 49(4), 2001, pp. 474-480
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