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Authors: Hews, DK Benard, MF
Citation: Dk. Hews et Mf. Benard, Negative association between conspicuous visual display and chemosensory behavior in two phrynosomatid lizards, ETHOLOGY, 107(9), 2001, pp. 839-850

Authors: Williams, CF Ruvinsky, J Scott, PE Hews, DK
Citation: Cf. Williams et al., Pollination, breeding system, and genetic structure in two sympatric Delphinium (Ranunculaceae) species, AM J BOTANY, 88(9), 2001, pp. 1623-1633

Authors: Quinn, VS Hews, DK
Citation: Vs. Quinn et Dk. Hews, Signals and behavioural responses are not coupled in males: aggression affected by replacement of an evolutionarily lost colour signal, P ROY SOC B, 267(1445), 2000, pp. 755-758
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