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Authors: Siwakosit, W Hess, RA
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Authors: Hess, RA Bunick, D Bahr, J
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Authors: Hess, RA Siwakosit, W
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Authors: Oliveira, CA Carnes, K Franca, LR Hess, RA
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Authors: Hess, RA
Citation: Ra. Hess, Oestrogen in fluid transport in efferent ducts of the male reproductive tract, REV REPROD, 5(2), 2000, pp. 84-92

Authors: Crissman, JW Cooke, PS Hess, RA Marty, MS Liberacki, AB
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Authors: Siwakosit, W Snell, SA Hess, RA
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Authors: Hess, RA Siwakosit, W Chung, J
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Authors: Hess, RA Nakai, M
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Authors: Zeyada, Y Hess, RA
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Authors: Hess, RA
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Authors: Hess, RA Reinhardt, LA
Citation: Ra. Hess et La. Reinhardt, Unusual properties of highly charged buffers: Large ionization volumes andlow barrier hydrogen bonds, J AM CHEM S, 121(42), 1999, pp. 9867-9870
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