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Authors: Ota, T Kawai, K Hattori, K Uchida, K Akaza, H Harada, M
Citation: T. Ota et al., Hamartoma of the urinary bladder, INT J UROL, 6(4), 1999, pp. 211-214

Authors: Kani, J Sakamoto, T Jinno, M Hattori, K Yamada, M Kanamori, T Oguchi, K
Citation: J. Kani et al., Novel 1470-nm-band WDM transmission and its application to ultra-wide-bandWDM transmission, IEICE TR EL, E82C(8), 1999, pp. 1397-1406

Authors: Kani, J Sakamoto, T Jinno, M Hattori, K Yamada, M Kanamori, T Oguchi, K
Citation: J. Kani et al., Novel 1470-nm-band WDM transmission and its application to ultra-wide-bandWDM transmission, IEICE TR CO, E82B(8), 1999, pp. 1131-1140

Authors: Miura, M Hatakeyama, S Hattori, K Nakayama, K
Citation: M. Miura et al., Structure and expression of the gene encoding mouse F-box protein, Fwd2, GENOMICS, 62(1), 1999, pp. 50-58

Authors: Yoshida, T Akasaka, T Choi, Y Hattori, K Yu, B Mimura, T Kaneko, Y Nakashima, H Aragaki, E Premanathan, M Yamamoto, N Uryu, T
Citation: T. Yoshida et al., Synthesis of polymethacrylate derivatives having sulfated maltoheptaose side chains with anti-HIV activities, J POL SC PC, 37(6), 1999, pp. 789-800

Authors: Yoshinuma, M Hattori, K Ando, A Inutake, M Kaneko, T Hatakeyama, R Sato, N
Citation: M. Yoshinuma et al., Stabilization of low-frequency fluctuations by radial potential-profile control in an ECR-produced plasma, FUSION TECH, 35(1T), 1999, pp. 278-282

Authors: Goh, T Himeno, A Okuno, M Takahashi, H Hattori, K
Citation: T. Goh et al., High-extinction ratio and low-loss silica-based 8 x 8 strictly nonblockingthermooptic matrix switch, J LIGHTW T, 17(7), 1999, pp. 1192-1199

Authors: Hattori, K Fukui, M Jinno, M Oguma, M Oguchi, K
Citation: K. Hattori et al., PLC-based optical add/drop switch with automatic level control, J LIGHTW T, 17(12), 1999, pp. 2562-2571

Authors: Kani, J Jinno, M Sakamoto, T Aisawa, S Fukui, M Hattori, K Oguchi, K
Citation: J. Kani et al., Interwavelength-band nonlinear interactions and their suppression in multiwavelength-band WDM transmission systems, J LIGHTW T, 17(11), 1999, pp. 2249-2260

Authors: Yoshinuma, M Inutake, M Hatakeyama, R Kaneko, T Hattori, K Ando, A Sato, N
Citation: M. Yoshinuma et al., Control of radial potential profile and related low-frequency fluctuationsin an ECR-produced plasma, PHYS LETT A, 255(4-6), 1999, pp. 301-306

Authors: Uchida, K Akaza, H Hattori, K Noguchi, R Kondo, F Ishikawa, S Ohtani, M Hinotsu, S Koiso, K
Citation: K. Uchida et al., Antiemetic efficacy of granisetron: a randomized crossover study in patients receiving cisplatin-containing intraarterial chemotherapy, JPN J CLIN, 29(2), 1999, pp. 87-91

Authors: Hattori, K Aoyama, T Sato, I
Citation: K. Hattori et al., Three-dimensional magnetization analysis of longitudinal media using merged MR head with submicron track width, J MAGN MAGN, 193(1-3), 1999, pp. 412-415

Authors: Hattori, K Kondo, M Abe, T Tanaka, S Fukunaga, T
Citation: K. Hattori et al., Hierarchical differences in body composition of professional Sumo wrestlers, ANN HUM BIO, 26(2), 1999, pp. 179-184

Authors: Yabe, M Yabe, H Hattori, K Shimizu, T Matsumoto, M Morimoto, T Yasuda, Y Inoue, H Kato, S Nishimura, T
Citation: M. Yabe et al., Role of interleukin-12 in the development of acute graft-versus-host disease in bone marrow transplant patients, BONE MAR TR, 24(1), 1999, pp. 29-34

Authors: Hattori, K Hirano, T Ushiyama, C Miyajima, H Yamakawa, N Ikeda, S Yoshino, K Tateno, M Oshimi, K Kayagaki, N Yagita, H Okumura, K
Citation: K. Hattori et al., A metalloproteinase inhibitor prevents acute graft-versus-host disease in mice after bone marrow transplantation, BONE MAR TR, 23(12), 1999, pp. 1283-1289

Authors: Kitagawa, M Hatakeyama, S Shirane, M Matsumoto, M Ishida, N Hattori, K Nakamichi, I Kikuchi, A Nakayama, K Nakayama, K
Citation: M. Kitagawa et al., An F-box protein, FWD1, mediates ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis of beta-catenin, EMBO J, 18(9), 1999, pp. 2401-2410

Authors: Khalafalla, MM Hattori, K
Citation: Mm. Khalafalla et K. Hattori, A combination of thidiazuron and benzyladenine promotes multiple shoot production from cotyledonary node explants of faba bean (Vicia faba L.), PLANT GR R, 27(3), 1999, pp. 145-148

Authors: Avenido, RA Hattori, K
Citation: Ra. Avenido et K. Hattori, Differences in shoot regeneration response from cotyledonary node explantsin Asiatic Vigna species support genomic grouping within subgenus Ceratotropis (Piper) Verdc., PL CELL TIS, 58(2), 1999, pp. 99-110

Authors: Tamatani, T Hattori, K Iyer, A Tamatani, K Oyasu, R
Citation: T. Tamatani et al., Hepatocyte growth factor is an invasion migration factor of rat urothelialcarcinoma cells in vitro, CARCINOGENE, 20(6), 1999, pp. 957-962

Authors: Kushida, K Hattori, K Arai, S Iimori, T Komori, F
Citation: K. Kushida et al., Initial stage of Ag growth on Ge(001) surfaces at room temperature, SURF SCI, 442(2), 1999, pp. 300-306

Authors: Komori, F Kushida, K Hattori, K Arai, S Iimori, T
Citation: F. Komori et al., Growth of thin Ag islands on Ge(001)-2 x 1 surfaces below room temperature, SURF SCI, 438(1-3), 1999, pp. 123-130

Authors: Daimon, H Kotsugi, M Nakatsuji, K Okuda, T Hattori, K
Citation: H. Daimon et al., Deduction of atomic orbitals in a valence band by two-dimensional angular distribution of photoelectrons, SURF SCI, 438(1-3), 1999, pp. 214-222

Authors: Iimori, T Hattori, K Shudo, K Komori, F
Citation: T. Iimori et al., Chlorine extraction by atomic hydrogen on Si(111)-7 x 7 surfaces, SURF SCI, 437(1-2), 1999, pp. 86-90

Authors: Hashimoto, H Nakashima, T Hattori, K Yamada, T Mizoguchi, T Koyama, Y Kobayashi, T
Citation: H. Hashimoto et al., Structures and non-linear optical properties of polar carotenoid analogues, PUR A CHEM, 71(12), 1999, pp. 2225-2236

Authors: Fushiya, S Kishi, Y Hattori, K Batkhuu, J Takano, F Singab, ANB Okuyama, T
Citation: S. Fushiya et al., Flavonoids from Cleome droserifolia suppress NO production in activated macrophages in vitro, PLANTA MED, 65(5), 1999, pp. 404-407
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