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Authors: Carlisle, RC Bettinger, T Ogris, M Hale, S Mautner, V Seymour, LW
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Authors: Hale, S
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Authors: Wollaeger, JK Heiner, JP Hollister, M Hale, S
Citation: Jk. Wollaeger et al., Subscapular mass in a 68-year-old woman, CLIN ORTHOP, (385), 2001, pp. 256

Authors: Assali, AR Salloum, J Sdringola, S Moustapha, A Ghani, M Hale, S Schroth, G Fujise, K Anderson, HV Smalling, RW Rosales, OR
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Authors: Myerson, J Jenkins, L Hale, S Sliwinski, M
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Authors: Zheng, YY Myerson, J Hale, S
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Authors: Jenkins, L Myerson, J Joerding, JA Hale, S
Citation: L. Jenkins et al., Converging evidence that visuospatial cognition is more age-sensitive thanverbal cognition, PSYCHOL AG, 15(1), 2000, pp. 157-175

Authors: Fry, AF Hale, S
Citation: Af. Fry et S. Hale, Relationships among processing speed, working memory, and fluid intelligence in children, BIOL PSYCH, 54(1-3), 2000, pp. 1-34

Authors: Hale, S
Citation: S. Hale, One industry, two Chinas: Silk filatures and peasant-family production in Wuxi County, 1865-1937., PAC AFF, 73(4), 2000, pp. 586-588

Authors: Chen, J Myerson, J Hale, S Simon, A
Citation: J. Chen et al., Behavioral evidence for brain-based ability factors in visuospatial information processing, NEUROPSYCHO, 38(4), 2000, pp. 380-387

Authors: Hale, S
Citation: S. Hale, Western representations of the Muslim woman: From termagant to odalisque, MIDDLE E J, 54(4), 2000, pp. 674-676

Authors: Hale, S
Citation: S. Hale, Naming strengths and resources of the client and the therapist, INDIVIDUALS IN CONTEXT, 2000, pp. 69-78

Authors: Myerson, J Hale, S Rhee, SH Jenkins, L
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Authors: Jenkins, L Myerson, J Hale, S Fry, AF
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Authors: Hale, S
Citation: S. Hale, Cool Britannia - The English (and the Italians) as seen from London, TLS-TIMES L, (5002), 1999, pp. 26-26

Authors: Hale, S Gibbons, J
Citation: S. Hale et J. Gibbons, Varying realities: Patterned changes in the interpreter's representation of courtroom and external realities, APPL LING, 20(2), 1999, pp. 203-220

Authors: Hale, S
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Authors: Myerson, J Lawrence, B Hale, S Jenkins, L Chen, J
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Authors: Hale, S
Citation: S. Hale, The Nubians of West Aswan: Village women in the midst of change, INT J AFR H, 31(1), 1998, pp. 170-172
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