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Authors: Redlin, M Werner, J Habazettl, H Griethe, W Kuppe, H Pries, AR
Citation: M. Redlin et al., Cariporide (HOE 642) attenuates leukocyte activation in ischemia and reperfusion, ANESTH ANAL, 93(6), 2001, pp. 1472-1479

Authors: Kupatt, C Habazettl, H Hanusch, P Wichels, R Hahnel, D Becker, BF Boekstegers, P
Citation: C. Kupatt et al., c7E3Fab reduces postischemic leukocyte-thrombocyte interaction mediated byfibrinogen - Implications for myocardial reperfusion injury, ART THROM V, 20(10), 2000, pp. 2226-2232

Authors: Habazettl, H Hanusch, P Kupatt, C
Citation: H. Habazettl et al., Effects of endothelium/leukocytes/platelet interaction on myocardial ischemia - reperfusion injury, Z KARDIOL, 89, 2000, pp. 92-95

Authors: Kupatt, C Habazettl, H Becker, BF Boekstegers, P
Citation: C. Kupatt et al., Endothelial activation - a strategic event during postischemic myocardial inflammation, Z KARDIOL, 89, 2000, pp. 96-100

Authors: Jeremias, I Kupatt, C Martin-Villalba, A Habazettl, H Schenkel, J Boekstegers, P Debatin, KM
Citation: I. Jeremias et al., Involvement of CD95/Apo1/Fas in cell death after myocardial ischemia, CIRCULATION, 102(8), 2000, pp. 915-920

Authors: Voigtlander, J Leiderer, R Muhlbayer, D Habazettl, H
Citation: J. Voigtlander et al., Time-dependent efficacy of initial reperfusion with 2,3 butane-dione monoxime (BDM) on release of cytosolic enzymes and ultrastructural damage in isolated hearts, THOR CARD S, 47(4), 1999, pp. 244-250

Authors: Habazettl, H Kupatt, C Zahler, S Becker, BF Messmer, K
Citation: H. Habazettl et al., Selectins and beta(2)-integrins mediate post-ischaemic venular adhesion ofpolymorphonuclear leukocytes, but not capillary plugging, in isolated hearts, PFLUG ARCH, 438(4), 1999, pp. 479-485

Authors: Kupatt, C Habazettl, H Goedecke, A Wolf, DA Zahler, S Boekstegers, P Kelly, RA Becker, BF
Citation: C. Kupatt et al., Tumor necrosis factor-alpha contributes to ischemia- and reperfusion-induced endothelial activation in isolated hearts, CIRCUL RES, 84(4), 1999, pp. 392-400

Authors: Boehm, DH Reichenspurner, H Gulbins, H Detter, C Meiser, B Brenner, F Habazettl, H Reichart, B
Citation: Dh. Boehm et al., Early experience with robotic technology for coronary artery surgery, ANN THORAC, 68(4), 1999, pp. 1542-1546
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