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Authors: Shaw, M Cooper, L Xu, X Thompson, W Krauss, S Guan, Y Zhou, N Klimov, A Cox, N Webster, R Lim, W Shortridge, K Subbarao, K
Citation: M. Shaw et al., Molecular changes associated with the transmission of avian influenza A H5N1 and H9N2 viruses to humans, J MED VIROL, 66(1), 2002, pp. 107-114

Authors: Webster, RG Guan, Y Peiris, M Walker, D Krauss, S Zhou, NN Govorkova, EA Ellis, TM Dyrting, KC Sit, T Perez, DR Shortridge, KF
Citation: Rg. Webster et al., Characterization of H5N1 influenza viruses that continue to circulate in geese in southeastern China, J VIROLOGY, 76(1), 2002, pp. 118-126

Authors: Guan, Y Cao, YP Peng, YX Xu, J Chen, ASC
Citation: Y. Guan et al., Complex of polyelectrolyte network with surfactant as novel shape memory networks, CHEM COMMUN, (17), 2001, pp. 1694-1695

Authors: Guan, Y Fu, XW Xuan, D Shenoy, PU Bettati, R Zhao, W
Citation: Y. Guan et al., NetCamo: Camouflaging network traffic for QoS-guaranteed mission critical applications, IEEE SYST A, 31(4), 2001, pp. 253-265

Authors: Guo, JX Chen, YS Zhang, YM Wu, GR Zhou, H Guan, Y Han, FB Gong, JC
Citation: Jx. Guo et al., Using multiple parallel plate aluminum ionization chamber for determining dose distribution at and near the interface of different materials and its Monte-Carlo simulation, ACT PHY C E, 50(8), 2001, pp. 1545-1548

Authors: Guan, Y Jiang, WW Zhang, WC Wan, GX Peng, YX
Citation: Y. Guan et al., Polytetrahydrofuran amphiphilic networks. IV. Swelling behavior of poly(acrylic acid)-l-polytetrahydrofuran and poly(methacrylic acid)-l-polytetrahydrofuran networks, J POL SC PP, 39(15), 2001, pp. 1784-1790

Authors: Guan, Y Miao, CY Su, DF
Citation: Y. Guan et al., Effects of six antihypertensive drugs on blood pressure and hypothalamic GABA content in spontaneously hypertensive rats, FUN CL PHAR, 15(4), 2001, pp. 221-226

Authors: Peri, K Guan, Y Han, KN
Citation: K. Peri et al., Dissolution behavior of gold in ammoniacal solutions with iodine as an oxidant, MIN MET PR, 18(1), 2001, pp. 13-17

Authors: Kao, H Gao, R Rau, RJ Shi, DN Chen, RY Guan, Y Wu, FT
Citation: H. Kao et al., Seismic image of the Tarim basin and its collision with Tibet, GEOLOGY, 29(7), 2001, pp. 575-578

Authors: Guan, Y Li, F Modarres, M
Citation: Y. Guan et al., Application of the integrated TH-PA method to the Westinghouse AP600 design, NUCL TECH, 133(3), 2001, pp. 269-289

Authors: Guan, Y Li, F Modarres, M
Citation: Y. Guan et al., A method of integrating thermal-hydraulic analysis and probabilistic assessment for safety evaluation and screening, NUCL TECH, 133(3), 2001, pp. 290-309

Authors: Peiris, JSM Guan, Y Markwell, D Ghose, P Webster, RG Shortridge, KF
Citation: Jsm. Peiris et al., Cocirculation of avian H9N2 and contemporary "human" H3N2 influenza A viruses in pigs in southeastern China: Potential for genetic reassortment?, J VIROLOGY, 75(20), 2001, pp. 9679-9686

Authors: Zhang, XY Zhang, KQ Liu, JH Guan, Y Zhang, JW
Citation: Xy. Zhang et al., Crystallization kinetics of amorphous Sm8Fe85Si2C5 alloy, J APPL PHYS, 89(1), 2001, pp. 496-499

Authors: Zhang, XY Guan, Y Yang, L Zhang, JW
Citation: Xy. Zhang et al., Crystallographic texture and magnetic anisotropy of alpha-Fe/Nd2Fe14B nanocomposites prepared by controlled melt spinning, APPL PHYS L, 79(15), 2001, pp. 2426-2428

Authors: Guan, Y Chen, Q Zhang, XM Peng, YX Xu, J
Citation: Y. Guan et al., Investigation of the gelation process by in-situ interferometry, MACRO RAPID, 21(14), 2000, pp. 998-1001

Authors: Gao, R Huang, DD Lu, DY Qian, GH Li, YK Kuang, CY Li, QS Li, PW Feng, RJ Guan, Y
Citation: R. Gao et al., Deep seismic reflection profile across the juncture zone between the TarimBasin and the West Kunlun Mountains, CHIN SCI B, 45(24), 2000, pp. 2281-2286

Authors: Terayama, R Guan, Y Dubner, R Ren, K
Citation: R. Terayama et al., Activity-induced plasticity in brain stem pain modulatory circuitry after inflammation, NEUROREPORT, 11(9), 2000, pp. 1915-1919

Authors: Guan, Y Hogge, DE
Citation: Y. Guan et De. Hogge, Proliferative status of primitive hematopoietic progenitors from patients with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML), LEUKEMIA, 14(12), 2000, pp. 2135-2141

Authors: Guan, Y Zhang, WC Wan, GX Peng, YX
Citation: Y. Guan et al., Polytetrahydrofuran amphiphilic networks. I. Synthesis and characterization of polytetrahydrofuran acrylate ditelechelic and polyacrylamide-I-potytetrahydrofuran networks, J POL SC PC, 38(20), 2000, pp. 3812-3820

Authors: Shortridge, KF Gao, P Guan, Y Ito, T Kawaoka, Y Markwell, D Takada, A Webster, RG
Citation: Kf. Shortridge et al., Interspecies transmission of influenza viruses: H5N1 virus and a Hong KongSAR perspective, VET MICROB, 74(1-2), 2000, pp. 141-147

Authors: Guan, Y Chen, Q Zhang, XM Peng, YX Xu, J
Citation: Y. Guan et al., In situ interferometric study on the gelation process of polyacrylic acid gels, CHIN J POLY, 18(4), 2000, pp. 373-377

Authors: Guo, YJ Krauss, S Senne, DA Mo, IP Lo, KS Xiong, XP Norwood, M Shortridge, KF Webster, RG Guan, Y
Citation: Yj. Guo et al., Characterization of the pathogenicity of members of the newly established H9N2 influenza virus lineages in Asia, VIROLOGY, 267(2), 2000, pp. 279-288

Authors: Lin, YP Shaw, M Gregory, V Cameron, K Lim, W Klimov, A Subbarao, K Guan, Y Krauss, S Shortridge, K Webster, R Cox, N Hay, A
Citation: Yp. Lin et al., Avian-to-human transmission of H9N2 subtype influenza A viruses: Relationship between H9N2 and H5N1 human isolates, P NAS US, 97(17), 2000, pp. 9654-9658

Authors: Guan, Y Shortridge, KF Krauss, S Chin, PS Dyrting, KC Ellis, TM Webster, RG Peiris, M
Citation: Y. Guan et al., H9N2 influenza viruses possessing H5N1-like internal genomes continue to circulate in poultry in southeastern China, J VIROLOGY, 74(20), 2000, pp. 9372-9380

Authors: Guan, Y Zhang, WC Wan, GX Peng, YX Ji, PJ Xu, J Ye, ML Shi, LH
Citation: Y. Guan et al., Preparation of polytetrahydrofuran monomethacrylate macromonomers by cationic ring-opening polymerization of tetrahydrofuran, J APPL POLY, 77(4), 2000, pp. 810-815
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