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Authors: Wolfensohn, SE Gopal, R
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Authors: Gopal, R Ha, CS Tucker, SL Khouri, IF Giralt, SA Gajewski, JL Andersson, BS Cox, JD Champlin, RE
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Authors: Gopalani, D Kumar, S Jodha, AS Singh, R Khatri, PK Gopal, R
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Authors: Gopal, R Gibbs, T Slomka, MJ Whitworth, J Carpenter, LM Vyse, A Brown, DWG
Citation: R. Gopal et al., A monoclonal blocking EIA for herpes simplex virus type 2 antibody: validation for seroepidemiological studies in Africa, J VIROL MET, 87(1-2), 2000, pp. 71-80

Authors: Kannangai, R Finny, GJ John, TJ Sridharan, G Gopal, R
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Authors: Dwivedi, VK Gopal, R Ahmad, S
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Authors: Mbopi-Keou, FX Gresenguet, G Mayaud, P Weiss, HA Gopal, R Matta, M Paul, JL Brown, DWG Hayes, RJ Mabey, DCW Belec, L
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Authors: Gupte, S Nair, R Naresh, KN Borges, AM Soman, CS Gopal, R Advani, SH
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Authors: Advani, SH Nair, R Bapna, A Gladstone, B Kadam, P Saikia, TK Parekh, PM Gopal, R Nair, CN
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Authors: Ali, S Ansari, S Ehtesham, NZ Azfer, MA Homkar, U Gopal, R Hasnain, SE
Citation: S. Ali et al., Analysis of the evolutionarily conserved repeat motifs in the genome of the highly endangered central Indian swamp deer Cervus duvauceli branderi, GENE, 223(1-2), 1998, pp. 361-367

Authors: Pangas, TK Sachdev, AK Gopal, R Verma, SS
Citation: Tk. Pangas et al., Studies on storage stability of fried chicken gizzard, J FD SCI M, 35(5), 1998, pp. 419-421
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