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Authors: Boker, T Bacinski, J Bergeron, L Calzetti, D Jones, M Gilmore, D Holfeltz, S Monroe, B Nota, A Sosey, M Schneider, G O'Neil, E Hubbard, P Ferro, A Barg, I Stobie, E
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Authors: Lumsden, MA Twaddle, S Hawthorn, R Traynor, I Gilmore, D Davis, J Deeny, M Cameron, IT Walker, JJ
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Authors: Gilmore, D
Citation: D. Gilmore, The man of independence, J WEST, 39(3), 2000, pp. 108-108

Authors: Noll, KS Luu, J Gilmore, D
Citation: Ks. Noll et al., Spectrophotometry of four Kuiper Belt objects with NICMOS, ASTRONOM J, 119(2), 2000, pp. 970-976

Authors: Boker, T Calzetti, D Sparks, W Axon, D Bergeron, LE Bushouse, H Colina, L Daou, D Gilmore, D Holfeltz, S MacKenty, J Mazzuca, L Monroe, B Najita, J Noll, K Nota, A Ritchie, C Schultz, A Sosey, M Storrs, A Suchkov, A
Citation: T. Boker et al., The NICMOS snapshot survey of nearby galaxies, ASTROPH J S, 124(1), 1999, pp. 95-126

Authors: Gilmore, D
Citation: D. Gilmore, Missouri: The WPA guide to the "Show Me State", J WEST, 38(4), 1999, pp. 115-115

Authors: Gilmore, D
Citation: D. Gilmore, Above a common soldier: Frank Clarke and Mary Clarke in the American West and Civil War, 1847-1872, J WEST, 38(2), 1999, pp. 98-99
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