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Authors: Gao, P Hou, TP Gao, R Cui, Q Liu, SG
Citation: P. Gao et al., Activity of the botanical aphicides 1,5-diphenyl-1-pentanone and 1,5-diphenyl-2-penten-1-one on two species of Aphididnae, PEST MAN SC, 57(3), 2001, pp. 307-310

Authors: Li, QS Gao, R Lu, DY Li, JW Fan, JY Zhang, ZY Liu, W Li, YK Yan, QR Li, DX
Citation: Qs. Li et al., An explosive seismic sounding profile across the transition zone between west Kunlun Mts. and Tarim Basin, SCI CHINA D, 44(7), 2001, pp. 666-672

Authors: Xiao, XC Liu, X Gao, R Luo, ZH
Citation: Xc. Xiao et al., Collision tectonics between the Tarim block (basin) and the northwestern Tibet plateau: New observations from a multidisciplinary geoscientific investigation in the Western Kunlun Mountains, ACT GEO S-E, 75(2), 2001, pp. 126-132

Authors: Gao, R Tsoukalas, LH
Citation: R. Gao et Lh. Tsoukalas, Neural-wavelet methodology for load forecasting, J INTEL ROB, 31(1-3), 2001, pp. 149-157

Authors: Gao, R Tan, CD Baker, RTK
Citation: R. Gao et al., Ethylene hydroformylation on graphite nanofiber supported rhodium catalysts, CATAL TODAY, 65(1), 2001, pp. 19-29

Authors: Gao, R Kini, RM Li, GD Luo, RH Selvanayagam, ZE Gopalakrishnakone, P
Citation: R. Gao et al., Purification and properties of three new phospholipase A(2) isoenzymes from Micropechis ikaheka venom, BBA-PROT ST, 1545(1-2), 2001, pp. 30-40

Authors: Kao, H Gao, R Rau, RJ Shi, DN Chen, RY Guan, Y Wu, FT
Citation: H. Kao et al., Seismic image of the Tarim basin and its collision with Tibet, GEOLOGY, 29(7), 2001, pp. 575-578

Authors: Cheng, LF Xu, YD Zhang, LT Gao, R
Citation: Lf. Cheng et al., Effect of glass sealing on the oxidation behavior of three dimensional C/SiC composites in air, CARBON, 39(8), 2001, pp. 1127-1133

Authors: Gao, R Huang, DD Lu, DY Qian, GH Li, YK Kuang, CY Li, QS Li, PW Feng, RJ Guan, Y
Citation: R. Gao et al., Deep seismic reflection profile across the juncture zone between the TarimBasin and the West Kunlun Mountains, CHIN SCI B, 45(24), 2000, pp. 2281-2286

Authors: Lu, DY Li, QS Gao, R Li, YK Li, DX Liu, W Zhang, ZY
Citation: Dy. Lu et al., A deep seismic sounding profile across the Tianshan Mountains, CHIN SCI B, 45(22), 2000, pp. 2100-2107

Authors: Cheng, Y Zhang, WZ Li, J Li, BA Zhao, JM Gao, R Xin, SJ Mao, PY Cao, Y
Citation: Y. Cheng et al., Serological and histological findings in infection and transmission of GBV-C/HGV to macaques, J MED VIROL, 60(1), 2000, pp. 28-33

Authors: Cheng, LF Xu, YD Zhang, LT Gao, R
Citation: Lf. Cheng et al., Oxidation behavior of C-SiC composites with a Si-W coating from room temperature to 1500 degrees C, CARBON, 38(15), 2000, pp. 2133-2138

Authors: Toon, GC Blavier, JF Sen, B Margitan, JJ Webster, CR May, RD Fahey, D Gao, R Del Negro, L Proffitt, M Elkins, J Romashkin, PA Hurst, DF Oltmans, S Atlas, E Schauffler, S Flocke, F Bui, TP Stimpfle, RM Bonne, GP Voss, PB Cohen, RC
Citation: Gc. Toon et al., Comparison of MkIV balloon and ER-2 aircraft measurements of atmospheric trace gases, J GEO RES-A, 104(D21), 1999, pp. 26779-26790

Authors: Li, TD Gao, R Wu, GJ
Citation: Td. Li et al., Lithospheric evolution and geodynamic process of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau: An inspiration from the Yadong-Golmud-Ejin Geoscience Transect, ACT GEO S-E, 73(2), 1999, pp. 173-180

Authors: Peng, C Pei, RF Gao, R
Citation: C. Peng et al., On geophysical background of superlarge deposits in the Chinese continent, ACT GEO S-E, 73(2), 1999, pp. 193-200

Authors: Gao, R Kini, RM Gopalakrishnakone, P
Citation: R. Gao et al., Purification, properties, and amino acid sequence of a hemoglobinuria-inducing phospholipase A(2), MiPLA-1, from Micropechis ikaheka venom, ARCH BIOCH, 369(1), 1999, pp. 181-192

Authors: Liu, X Gao, R
Citation: X. Liu et R. Gao, The crustal structure and assembly of terranes in the Qaidam-Qilian-Beishan area, western China, ACT GEO S-E, 72(3), 1998, pp. 243-255

Authors: Gao, R Dong, S Fan, J Hu, C
Citation: R. Gao et al., Relationship between development of endosperm transfer cells and grain mass in maize, BIOL PLANT, 41(4), 1998, pp. 539-546
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