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Authors: Ichiba, H Shintaku, H Fujimaru, M Hirai, C Okano, Y Funato, M
Citation: H. Ichiba et al., Bone mineral density of the lumbar spine in very-low-birth-weight infants:a longitudinal study, EUR J PED, 159(3), 2000, pp. 215-218

Authors: Tanaka, A Fujimaru, M Choeh, K Isshiki, G
Citation: A. Tanaka et al., Novel mutations including the second most common in Japan, in the beta-hexosaminidase alpha subunit gene, and a simple screening of Japanese patientswith Tay-Sachs disease, J HUM GENET, 44(2), 1999, pp. 91-95

Authors: Fujimaru, M Tanaka, A Choeh, K Wakamatsu, N Sakuraba, H Isshiki, G
Citation: M. Fujimaru et al., Two mutations remote from an exon/intron junction in the beta-hexosaminidase beta-subunit gene affect 3 '-splice site selection and cause Sandhoff disease, HUM GENET, 103(4), 1998, pp. 462-469
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