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Authors: Cycowicz, YM Friedman, D Snodgrass, JG
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Authors: Gaeta, H Friedman, D Ritter, W Cheng, J
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Authors: Friedman, D Cycowicz, YM Gaeta, H
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Authors: Dietzen, DJ Ecos, K Friedman, D Beason, S
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Authors: Gaeta, H Friedman, D Ritter, W Cheng, J
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Authors: Friedman, D
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Authors: Cycowicz, YM Friedman, D Snodgrass, JG Duff, M
Citation: Ym. Cycowicz et al., Recognition and source memory for pictures in children and adults, NEUROPSYCHO, 39(3), 2001, pp. 255-267

Authors: Friedman, D
Citation: D. Friedman, eStrategies in the chemical industry - Hubs et services, CHEM WEEK, 163(17), 2001, pp. S12-S12

Authors: Jampel, HD Quigley, HA Kerrigan-Baumrind, LA Melia, M Friedman, D Barron, Y
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Authors: Kurtz, S Webb, J Gedvilas, L Friedman, D Geisz, J Olson, J King, R Joslin, D Karam, N
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Authors: Biederman, J Faraone, SV Hirshfeld-Becker, DR Friedman, D Robin, JA Rosenbaum, JF
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Authors: Riley, MA Cadavid, L Collett, MS Neely, MN Adams, MD Phillips, CM Neel, JV Friedman, D
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Authors: Friedman, D Johnson, R
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Authors: Cycowicz, YM Friedman, D Snodgrass, JG Rothstein, M
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Authors: Faraone, SV Biederman, J Friedman, D
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Authors: Friedman, D
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Authors: Friedman, D
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Authors: Friedman, D Trott, C
Citation: D. Friedman et C. Trott, An event-related potential study of encoding in young and older adults, NEUROPSYCHO, 38(5), 2000, pp. 542-557
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