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Authors: Clarke, JD Aarts, N Feys, BJ Dong, XN Parker, JE
Citation: Jd. Clarke et al., Constitutive disease resistance requires EDS1 in the Arabidopsis mutants cpr1 and cpr6 and is partially EDS1-dependent in cpr5, PLANT J, 26(4), 2001, pp. 409-420

Authors: Feys, BJ Moisan, LJ Newman, MA Parker, JE
Citation: Bj. Feys et al., Direct interaction between the Arabidopsis disease resistance signaling proteins, EDS1 and PAD4, EMBO J, 20(19), 2001, pp. 5400-5411

Authors: Feys, BJ Parker, JE
Citation: Bj. Feys et Je. Parker, Interplay of signaling pathways in plant disease resistance, TRENDS GEN, 16(10), 2000, pp. 449-455

Authors: Falk, A Feys, BJ Frost, LN Jones, JDG Daniels, MJ Parker, JE
Citation: A. Falk et al., EDS1, an essential component of R gene-mediated disease resistance in Arabidopsis has homology to eukaryotic lipases, P NAS US, 96(6), 1999, pp. 3292-3297

Authors: Jirage, D Tootle, TL Reuber, TL Frost, LN Feys, BJ Parker, JE Ausubel, FM Glazebrook, J
Citation: D. Jirage et al., Arabidopsis thaliana PAD4 encodes a lipase-like gene that is important forsalicylic acid signaling, P NAS US, 96(23), 1999, pp. 13583-13588
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