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Authors: Tobe, K Ferguson, C Kelly, M Gallacher, S Medlin, LK
Citation: K. Tobe et al., Seasonal occurrence at a Scottish PSP monitoring site of purportedly toxicbacteria originally isolated from the toxic dinoflagellate genus Alexandrium, EUR J PHYC, 36(3), 2001, pp. 243-256

Authors: Vicini, S Ferguson, C Prybylowski, K Kralic, J Morrow, AL Homanics, GE
Citation: S. Vicini et al., GABA(A) receptor alpha 1 subunit deletion prevents developmental changes of inhibitory synaptic currents in cerebellar neurons, J NEUROSC, 21(9), 2001, pp. 3009-3016

Authors: Geiser, F Ferguson, C
Citation: F. Geiser et C. Ferguson, Intraspecific differences in behaviour and physiology: effects of captive breeding on patterns of torpor in feathertail gliders, J COMP PH B, 171(7), 2001, pp. 569-576

Authors: Ferguson, C
Citation: C. Ferguson, Discovering, supporting, and promoting young children's passions and interessssssts: One teacher's reflections, YOUNG CHILD, 56(4), 2001, pp. 6-11

Authors: Dellovade, TL Davis, AM Ferguson, C Sieghart, W Homanics, GE Tobet, SA
Citation: Tl. Dellovade et al., GABA influences the development of the ventromedial nucleus of the hypothalamus, J NEUROBIOL, 49(4), 2001, pp. 264-276

Authors: Lin, BY White, JT Ferguson, C Wang, SY Vessella, R Bumgarner, R True, LD Hood, L Nelson, PS
Citation: By. Lin et al., Prostate short-chain dehydrogenase reductase 1 (PSDR1): A new member of the short-chain steroid dehydrogenase/reductase family highly expressed in normal and neoplastic prostate epithelium, CANCER RES, 61(4), 2001, pp. 1611-1618

Authors: Perfect, CL Bird, AJ Dean, AJ Ferguson, C Lei, F Lockley, JJ
Citation: Cl. Perfect et al., Simulating the background noise in the LEGRI CZT detectors, ASTRO SP SC, 276(1), 2001, pp. 263-271

Authors: Ritchie, L Ferguson, C Saini, S
Citation: L. Ritchie et al., A novel sensor for monitoring leakage of petroleum and other liquid hydrocarbons into soil environments, J ENVIR MON, 2(2), 2000, pp. 193-196

Authors: Castner, G Ferguson, C
Citation: G. Castner et C. Ferguson, The effect of transaction costs on the decision to replace 'off-the-shelf'software: the role of software diffusion and infusion, INF SYST J, 10(1), 2000, pp. 65-83

Authors: Clark, D Ferguson, C Nelson, C
Citation: D. Clark et al., Macmillan Carers Schemes in England: results of a multicentre evaluation, PALLIAT MED, 14(2), 2000, pp. 129-139

Authors: Ferguson, C McKillop, DG
Citation: C. Ferguson et Dg. Mckillop, Classifying credit union development in terms of mature, transition and Nascent industry types, SERV IND J, 20(4), 2000, pp. 103-120

Authors: Ferguson, C Kern, M Audesirk, G
Citation: C. Ferguson et al., Nanomolar concentrations of inorganic lead increase Ca2+ efflux and decrease intracellular free Ca2+ ion concentrations in cultured rat hippocampal neurons by a calmodulin-dependent mechanism, NEUROTOXICO, 21(3), 2000, pp. 365-378

Authors: Low, JN Storey, EJ McCarron, M Wardell, JL Ferguson, C Glidewell, C
Citation: Jn. Low et al., Conformational preferences in 2-nitrophenylthiolates: interplay between intra- and intermolecular forces; structures of (E)-1-(4-methyl-2-nitrobenzenethiolato)-2-phenylethene, S-(2-nitrophenyl)benzenecarbothiolate and 1-(2-nitrophenylthio)2,5-pyrrolidinedione, ACT CRYST B, 56, 2000, pp. 58-67

Authors: Dor, F Jongeneelen, F Zmirou, D Empereur-Bissonnet, P Nedellec, V Haguenoer, JM Person, A Ferguson, C Dab, W
Citation: F. Dor et al., Feasibility of assessing dermal exposure to PAHs of workers on gaswork sites - the SOLEX study, SCI TOTAL E, 263(1-3), 2000, pp. 47-55

Authors: Kolmerer, B Clayton, J Benes, V Allen, T Ferguson, C Leonard, K Weber, U Knekt, M Ansorge, W Labeit, S Bullard, B
Citation: B. Kolmerer et al., Sequence and expression of the kettin gene in Drosophila melanogaster and Caenorhabditis elegans, J MOL BIOL, 296(2), 2000, pp. 435-448

Authors: Ferguson, C
Citation: C. Ferguson, 'Shaking the conceptual foundations,' too: Integrating research and technology support for the next generation of information service, COLL RES LI, 61(4), 2000, pp. 300-311

Authors: Lin, BY White, JT Ferguson, C Bumgarner, R Friedman, C Trask, B Ellis, W Lange, P Hood, L Nelson, PS
Citation: By. Lin et al., PART-1: A novel human prostate-specific, androgen-regulated gene that mapsto chromosome 5q12, CANCER RES, 60(4), 2000, pp. 858-863

Authors: Nelson, PS Hawkins, V Schummer, M Bumgarner, R Ng, WL Ideker, T Ferguson, C Hood, L
Citation: Ps. Nelson et al., Negative selection: a method for obtaining low-abundance cDNAs using high-density cDNA clone arrays, GENET A-BIO, 15(6), 1999, pp. 209-215

Authors: Ferguson, C Morris, AM
Citation: C. Ferguson et Am. Morris, Changes in serum phenylalanine after overnight fasts in youngsters with phenylketonuria, J HUM NU DI, 12(3), 1999, pp. 213-218

Authors: Dodds, PN Ferguson, C Clarke, AE Newbigin, E
Citation: Pn. Dodds et al., Fallen-expressed S-RNases are not involved in self incompatibility in Lycopersicon peruvianum, SEX PLANT R, 12(2), 1999, pp. 76-87

Authors: Ferguson, C Alpern, E Miclau, T Helms, JA
Citation: C. Ferguson et al., Does adult fracture repair recapitulate embryonic skeletal formation?, MECH DEVEL, 87(1-2), 1999, pp. 57-66

Authors: Rovinsky, D Ferguson, C Younis, A Otsuka, NY
Citation: D. Rovinsky et al., Pediatric elbow dislocation associated with a Milch type I lateral condylefracture of the humerus, J ORTHOP TR, 13(6), 1999, pp. 458-460

Authors: Lei, F Ferguson, C Bird, AJ Lockley, JJ Dean, AJ
Citation: F. Lei et al., The INTEGRAL mass model - TIMM, ASTROPHYS L, 39(1-6), 1999, pp. 841-844

Authors: Feroci, M Rapisarda, M Costa, E Lei, F Ferguson, C Dean, AJ Westergaard, NJ Budtz-Jorgensen, C Lund, N
Citation: M. Feroci et al., The background simulations for the integral X-ray monitor JEM-X, ASTROPHYS L, 39(1-6), 1999, pp. 889-892

Authors: Ferguson, C Lei, F Dean, AJ
Citation: C. Ferguson et al., The initial results of RXTE observations of 47 Tuc., ASTROPHYS L, 38(1-6), 1999, pp. 93-96
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