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Authors: Anliker, J Damron, D Ballesteros, M Langenberg, P Havas, S Mettger, W Feldman, R
Citation: J. Anliker et al., Using the stages of change model in a 5 a day guidebook for WIC, J NUTR EDUC, 31(3), 1999, pp. 175A-NIL_8

Authors: Feldman, R Weller, A Leckman, JF Kuint, J Eidelman, AI
Citation: R. Feldman et al., The nature of the mother's tie to her infant: Maternal bonding under conditions of proximity, separation, and potential loss, J CHILD PSY, 40(6), 1999, pp. 929-939

Authors: Chan, B Feldman, R Manning, WG
Citation: B. Chan et al., The effects of group size and group economic factors on collaboration: A study of the financial performance of rural hospitals in Consortia, HEAL SERV R, 34(1), 1999, pp. 9-31

Authors: Feldman, R Tomback, DF Koehler, J
Citation: R. Feldman et al., Cost of mutualism: Competition, tree morphology, and pollen production in limber pine clusters, ECOLOGY, 80(1), 1999, pp. 324-329

Authors: Feldman, R Greenbaum, CW Yirmiya, N
Citation: R. Feldman et al., Mother-infant affect synchrony as an antecedent of the emergence of self-control, DEVEL PSYCH, 35(1), 1999, pp. 223-231

Authors: Roskes, E Feldman, R Arrington, S Leisher, M
Citation: E. Roskes et al., A model program for the treatment of mentally ill offenders in the community, COMM MENT H, 35(5), 1999, pp. 461-472

Authors: Delong, EF Schleper, C Feldman, R Swanson, RV
Citation: Ef. Delong et al., Application of genomics for understanding the evolution of hyperthermophilic and nonthermophilic Crenarchaeota, BIOL B, 196(3), 1999, pp. 363-365

Authors: Leckman, JF Mayes, LC Feldman, R Evans, DW King, RA Cohen, DJ
Citation: Jf. Leckman et al., Early parental preoccupations and behaviors and their possible relationship to the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder, ACT PSYC SC, 100, 1999, pp. 1-26

Authors: Feldman, R Escribano, C Pellise, L
Citation: R. Feldman et al., The role of government in health insurance markets with adverse selection, HEALTH ECON, 7(8), 1998, pp. 659-670

Authors: Feldman, R Strachan, D
Citation: R. Feldman et D. Strachan, Consequences of Helicobacter pylori infection, COMMUNICABLE DISEASE, 1998, pp. 151-172
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