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Authors: Federico, G Tumbarello, M Spanu, T Roselli, R Iacoangeli, M Scerrati, M Tacconelli, E
Citation: G. Federico et al., Risk factors and prognostic indicators of bacterial meningitis in a cohortof 3580 postneurosurgical patients, SC J IN DIS, 33(7), 2001, pp. 533-537

Authors: Baroncelli, GI Federico, G Bertelloni, S de Terlizzi, F Cadossi, R Saggese, G
Citation: Gi. Baroncelli et al., Bone quality assessment by quantitative ultrasound of proximal phalanxes of the hand in healthy subjects aged 3-21 years, PEDIAT RES, 49(5), 2001, pp. 713-718

Authors: Saggese, G Federico, G Barsanti, S Fiore, L
Citation: G. Saggese et al., The effect of administering gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist with recombinant-human growth hormone (GH) on the final height of girls with isolated GH deficiency: Results from a controlled study, J CLIN END, 86(5), 2001, pp. 1900-1904

Authors: Cingolani, A Sanguinetti, M Antinori, A Larocca, LM Ardito, F Posteraro, B Federico, G Fadda, G Ortona, L
Citation: A. Cingolani et al., Brief report: Disseminated mycobacteriosis caused by drug-resistant Mycobacterium triplex in a human immunodeficiency virus-infected patient during highly active antiretroviral therapy, CLIN INF D, 31(1), 2000, pp. 177-179

Authors: Saggese, G Federico, G Barsanti, S Cerri, S
Citation: G. Saggese et al., Is there a place for combined therapy with GnRH agonist plus growth hormone in improving final height in short statured children?, J PED END M, 13, 2000, pp. 821-826

Authors: Sopo, SM Pesaresi, MA Guerrini, B Federico, G Stabile, A
Citation: Sm. Sopo et al., Mononuclear cell reactivity to food allergens in neonates, children and adults, PEDIAT A IM, 10(4), 1999, pp. 249-252

Authors: Federico, G Tena, A
Citation: G. Federico et A. Tena, Did trade policy foster Italian industrialization? Evidence from effectiveprotection rates, 1870-1930, RES ECON HI, 19, 1999, pp. 111-138

Authors: Saggese, G Federico, G Barsanti, S
Citation: G. Saggese et al., Management of puberty in growth hormone deficient children, J PED END M, 12, 1999, pp. 329-334

Authors: Federico, G
Citation: G. Federico, World of possibilities. Flexibility and mass production in Western industrialization, QUAD STOR, 34(3), 1999, pp. 819-824

Authors: Baroncelli, GI Federico, G Bertelloni, S Ceccarelli, C Cupelli, D Saggese, G
Citation: Gi. Baroncelli et al., Vitamin-D receptor genotype does not predict bone mineral density, bone turnover, and growth in prepubertal children, HORMONE RES, 51(3), 1999, pp. 150-156

Authors: Federico, G Maremmani, C Cinquanta, L Baroncelli, GI Fattori, B Saggese, G
Citation: G. Federico et al., Mucus of the human olfactory epithelium contains the insulin-like growth factor-I system which is altered in some neurodegenerative diseases, BRAIN RES, 835(2), 1999, pp. 306-314

Authors: Saggese, G Federico, G Barsanti, S
Citation: G. Saggese et al., Growth hormone deficiency, ENDOCR DEV, 1, 1999, pp. 55-67

Authors: Stabile, A Sopo, SM Guerrini, B Federico, G Maraglino, V Pesaresi, MA
Citation: A. Stabile et al., In vitro production of interleukin-4 and interferon-gamma after PHA and PMA stimulation, and mononuclear cell proliferative response to betalactoglobulin and ovalbumin in neonates with different family history of atopy. A follow-up of five years, PED ASTHMA, 12(4), 1998, pp. 259-270

Authors: Bertelloni, S Baroncelli, GI Federico, G Cappa, M Lala, R Saggese, G
Citation: S. Bertelloni et al., Altered bone mineral density in patients with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome, HORMONE RES, 50(6), 1998, pp. 309-314
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