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Authors: Etienne, H Bertrand, B
Citation: H. Etienne et B. Bertrand, Trueness-to-type and agronomic characteristics of Coffea arabica trees micropropagated by the embryogenic cell suspension technique, TREE PHYSL, 21(14), 2001, pp. 1031-1038

Authors: Bertrand, B Etienne, H Eskes, A
Citation: B. Bertrand et al., Growth, production, and bean quality of Coffea arabica as affected by interspecific grafting: Consequences for rootstock breeding, HORTSCIENCE, 36(2), 2001, pp. 269-273

Authors: Bertrand, B Duran, MXP Anzueto, F Cilas, C Etienne, H Anthony, F Eskes, AB
Citation: B. Bertrand et al., Genetic study of Coffea canephora coffee tree resistance to Meloidogyne incognita nematodes in Guatemala and Meloidogyne sp nematodes in El Salvador for selection of rootstock varieties in Central America, EUPHYTICA, 113(2), 2000, pp. 79-86

Authors: Engelmann, F Etienne, H
Citation: F. Engelmann et H. Etienne, Cryopreservaton of embryogenic calli of Hevea brasiliensis, FOR SCI, 67, 2000, pp. 729-746

Authors: Etienne-Barry, D Bertrand, B Vasquez, N Etienne, H
Citation: D. Etienne-barry et al., Direct sowing of Coffea arabica somatic embryos mass-produced in a bioreactor and regeneration of plants, PL CELL REP, 19(2), 1999, pp. 111-117
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