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Authors: Ortegren, J Andersson, G Busson, P Hult, A Gedde, UW Eriksson, A Lindgren, M
Citation: J. Ortegren et al., Improved thermal stability of pyroelectric polymers by crosslinking of ferroelectric liquid crystals, J PHYS CH B, 105(42), 2001, pp. 10223-10227

Authors: Hoymork, SH Pecseli, HL Lybekk, B Trulsen, J Eriksson, A
Citation: Sh. Hoymork et al., The shape and evolution of Lower Hybrid density cavities observed by FREJA, PHYS CH P C, 26(1-3), 2001, pp. 213-217

Authors: Eriksson, A Linner, P Gevorgian, S
Citation: A. Eriksson et al., Mode chart of electrically thin parallel-plate circular resonators, IEE P-MIC A, 148(1), 2001, pp. 51-55

Authors: Gevorgian, S Eriksson, A Petrov, P Linner, P Lovestam, G Wikborg, E
Citation: S. Gevorgian et al., DC field induced antiferroelectric phase transition in bulk, single crystal strontium titanate, INTEGR FERR, 33(1-4), 2001, pp. 323-329

Authors: Backlund, T Palojoki, E Gronholm, T Eriksson, A Vuolteenaho, O Laine, M Tikkanen, I
Citation: T. Backlund et al., Dual inhibition of angiotensin converting enzyme and neutral endopeptidaseby omapatrilat in rat in vivo, PHARMAC RES, 44(5), 2001, pp. 411-418

Authors: Gardiner, H Brodszki, J Eriksson, A Stale, H Marsal, K
Citation: H. Gardiner et al., Ventriculo-vascular interaction in the normal development of the fetal circulation, EAR HUM DEV, 65(2), 2001, pp. 97-106

Authors: Palojoki, E Saraste, A Eriksson, A Pulkki, K Kallajoki, M Voipio-Pulkki, LM Tikkanen, I
Citation: E. Palojoki et al., Cardiomyocyte apoptosis and ventricular remodeling after myocardial infarction in rats, AM J P-HEAR, 280(6), 2001, pp. H2726-H2731

Authors: Forsman, L Eriksson, A
Citation: L. Forsman et A. Eriksson, Skateboarding injuries of today, BR J SP MED, 35(5), 2001, pp. 325-328

Authors: Ortegren, J Busson, P Gedde, UW Hult, A Eriksson, A Lindgren, M Andersson, G
Citation: J. Ortegren et al., Cone motion viscosity and optical second harmonic generation of ferroelectric liquid crystalline dendrimers, LIQ CRYST, 28(6), 2001, pp. 861-868

Authors: Spigset, O Ostrom, M Eriksson, A
Citation: O. Spigset et al., Death resulting from asthma associated with sertraline "overdose", AM J FOREN, 22(4), 2001, pp. 419-420

Authors: Dahlin, A Eriksson, A Kjartansdottir, T Markestad, A Odensvik, K
Citation: A. Dahlin et al., The ATCvet classification system for veterinary medicinal products, J VET PHARM, 24(2), 2001, pp. 141-142

Authors: Eriksson, A
Citation: A. Eriksson, Tense and tense shifts in advanced Swedish learners' written English, MOD SPRAK, 95(1), 2001, pp. 9-15

Authors: Sprogoe-Jakobsen, S Eriksson, A Hougen, HP Knudsen, PJT Leth, P Lynnerup, N
Citation: S. Sprogoe-jakobsen et al., Mobile autopsy teams in the investigation of war crimes in Kosovo 1999, J FOREN SCI, 46(6), 2001, pp. 1392-1396

Authors: Eriksson, A Nyholm, L
Citation: A. Eriksson et L. Nyholm, Coulometric and spectroscopic investigations of the oxidation and reduction of some azosalicylic acids at glassy carbon electrodes, ELECTR ACT, 46(8), 2001, pp. 1113-1129

Authors: Ribom, D Eriksson, A Hartman, M Engler, H Nilsson, A Langstrom, B Bolander, H Bergstrom, M Smits, A
Citation: D. Ribom et al., Positron emission tomography C-11-methionine and survival in patients withlow-grade gliomas, CANCER, 92(6), 2001, pp. 1541-1549

Authors: Eriksson, A Yachnin, J Lewensohn, R Nilsson, A
Citation: A. Eriksson et al., DNA-dependent protein kinase is inhibited by trifluoperazine (vol 283, pg 726, 2001), BIOC BIOP R, 284(4), 2001, pp. 1091-1091

Authors: Eriksson, A Yachnin, J Lewensohn, R Nilsso, A
Citation: A. Eriksson et al., DNA-dependent protein kinase is inhibited by trifluoperazine, BIOC BIOP R, 283(4), 2001, pp. 726-731

Authors: Henriksson, E Ostrom, M Eriksson, A
Citation: E. Henriksson et al., Preventability of vehicle-related fatalities, ACC ANAL PR, 33(4), 2001, pp. 467-475

Authors: Ostrom, M Eriksson, A
Citation: M. Ostrom et A. Eriksson, Pedestrian fatalities and alcohol, ACC ANAL PR, 33(2), 2001, pp. 173-180

Authors: Hoymork, SH Pecseli, HL Lybekk, B Trulsen, J Eriksson, A
Citation: Sh. Hoymork et al., Cavitation of lower hybrid waves in the Earth's ionosphere: A model analysis, J GEO R-S P, 105(A8), 2000, pp. 18519-18535

Authors: Maltseva, T Usova, E Eriksson, A Milecki, J Foldesi, A Chattopadhayaya, J
Citation: T. Maltseva et al., An NMR conformational study of the complexes of C-13/H-2 double-labelled 2'-deoxynucleosides and deoxycytidine kinase (dCK), J CHEM S P2, (11), 2000, pp. 2199-2207

Authors: Nilsson, JB Eriksson, A Ramberg, CJ Eriksson, P
Citation: Jb. Nilsson et al., Clinical outcome after successful coronary angioplasty: Impact of intracoronary stent implantation, SC CARDIOVA, 34(2), 2000, pp. 178-181

Authors: Eriksson, A Eriksson, O
Citation: A. Eriksson et O. Eriksson, Population dynamics of the perennial Plantago media in semi-natural grasslands, J VEG SCI, 11(2), 2000, pp. 245-252

Authors: Ganesh, A Al-Habsi, NSM Al-Alawi, FKA Mitra, S Eriksson, A Venugopalan, P
Citation: A. Ganesh et al., Traumatic hyphaema and sickle cell retinopathy in a patient with sickle cell-haemoglobin E (HbSE) disease, EYE, 14, 2000, pp. 397-400

Authors: Kadi, F Bonnerud, P Eriksson, A Thornell, LE
Citation: F. Kadi et al., The expression of androgen receptors in human neck and limb muscles: effects of training and self-administration of androgenic-anabolic steroids, HISTOCHEM C, 113(1), 2000, pp. 25-29
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