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Authors: Ruiz, J Echevarria, F Font, J Ruiz, S Garcia, E Blanco, JM Jimenez-Gomez, F Prieto, L Gonzalez-Alaminos, A Garcia, CM Cipollini, P Snaith, H Bartual, A Reul, A Rodriguez, V
Citation: J. Ruiz et al., Surface distribution of chlorophyll, particles and gelbstoff in the Atlantic jet of the Alboran Sea: from submesoscale to subinertial scales of variability, J MAR SYST, 29(1-4), 2001, pp. 277-292

Authors: Rodriguez, J Tintore, J Allen, JT Blanco, JM Gomis, D Reul, A Ruiz, J Rodriguez, V Echevarria, F Jimenez-Gomez, F
Citation: J. Rodriguez et al., Mesoscale vertical motion and the size structure of phytoplankton in the ocean, NATURE, 410(6826), 2001, pp. 360-363

Authors: Gomez, F Gonzalez, N Echevarria, F Garcia, CM
Citation: F. Gomez et al., Distribution and fluxes of dissolved nutrients in the Strait of Gibraltar and its relationships to microphytoplankton biomass, EST COAST S, 51(4), 2000, pp. 439-449

Authors: Gomez, F Echevarria, F Garcia, CM Prieto, L Ruiz, J Reul, A Jimenez-Gomez, F Varela, M
Citation: F. Gomez et al., Microplankton distribution in the Strait of Gibraltar: coupling between organisms and hydrodynamic structures, J PLANK RES, 22(4), 2000, pp. 603-617

Authors: Rodriguez, J Blanco, JM Jimenez-Gomez, F Echevarria, F Gil, J Rodriguez, V Ruiz, J Bautista, B Guerrero, F
Citation: J. Rodriguez et al., Patterns in the size structure of the phytoplankton community in the deep fluorescence maximum of the Alboran Sea (southwestern Mediterranean), DEEP-SEA I, 45(10), 1998, pp. 1577-1593
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