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Authors: Takahashi, S Rousseau, RF Yotnda, P Mei, ZY Dotti, G Rill, D Hurwitz, R Marini, F Andreeff, M Brenner, MK
Citation: S. Takahashi et al., Autologous antileukemic immune response induced by chronic lymphocytic leukemia B cells expressing the CD40 ligand and interleukin 2 transgenes, HUM GENE TH, 12(6), 2001, pp. 659-670

Authors: Dotti, G Rambaldi, A Fiocchi, R Motta, T Torre, G Viero, P Gridelli, B Barbui, T
Citation: G. Dotti et al., Anti-CD20 antibody (rituximab) administration in patients with late-occurring lymphomas after solid organ transplant, HAEMATOLOG, 86(6), 2001, pp. 618-623

Authors: Dotti, G Gaspari, F Caruso, R Perico, N Remuzzi, G Barbui, T Rambaldi, A
Citation: G. Dotti et al., Pharmacokinetic study of the new cyclosporin-A formulation (Neoral (TM)) in adult allogeneic bone marrow transplant recipients, HAEMATOLOG, 86(3), 2001, pp. 311-315

Authors: Dotti, G Savoldo, B Takahashi, S Goltsova, T Brown, M Rill, D Rooney, C Brenner, M
Citation: G. Dotti et al., Adenovector-induced expression of human-CD40-ligand (hCD40L) by multiple myeloma cells: A model for immunotherapy, EXP HEMATOL, 29(8), 2001, pp. 952-961

Authors: Avanzini, C Bosio, K Volpe, G Dotti, G Savoia, D
Citation: C. Avanzini et al., Streptococcus pyogenes collected in Torino (northwest Italy) between 1983 and 1998: Survey of macrolide resistance and trend of genotype by RAPD, MICROB DR R, 6(4), 2000, pp. 289-295

Authors: Savoia, D Avanzini, C Bosio, K Volpe, G Carpi, D Dotti, G Zucca, M
Citation: D. Savoia et al., Macrolide resistance in group A streptococci, J ANTIMICRO, 45(1), 2000, pp. 41-47

Authors: Fassone, L Bhatia, K Gutierrez, M Capello, D Gloghini, A Dolcetti, R Vivenza, D Ascoli, V Lo Coco, F Pagani, L Dotti, G Rambaldi, A Raphael, M Tirelli, U Saglio, G Magrath, IT Carbone, A Gaidano, G
Citation: L. Fassone et al., Molecular profile of Epstein-Barr virus infection in HHV-8-positive primary effusion lymphoma, LEUKEMIA, 14(2), 2000, pp. 271-277

Authors: Dotti, G
Citation: G. Dotti, Higgs mechanism and Luna strata in N=1 gauge theories, NUCL PHYS B, 591(3), 2000, pp. 636-666

Authors: Spinelli, O Giussani, U Borleri, G Lazzari, M Michelato, A Dotti, G Barbui, T Rambaldi, A
Citation: O. Spinelli et al., Need for an accurate molecular diagnosis to assess the donor origin of leukemia relapse after allogeneic stem cell transplantation, HAEMATOLOG, 85(11), 2000, pp. 1153-1157

Authors: Dotti, G Fiocchi, R Motta, T Gamba, A Gotti, E Gridelli, B Borleri, G Manzoni, C Viero, P Remuzzi, G Barbui, T Rambaldi, A
Citation: G. Dotti et al., Epstein-Barr virus-negative lymphoproliferative disorders in long-term survivors after heart, kidney, and liver transplant, TRANSPLANT, 69(5), 2000, pp. 827-833

Authors: Busca, A Saroglia, EM Giacchino, M Vai, S Vassallo, E Fagioli, F Linari, A Dotti, G Miniero, R Madon, E
Citation: A. Busca et al., Analysis of early infectious complications in pediatric patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation, SUPP CARE C, 7(4), 1999, pp. 253-259

Authors: Dotti, G Fiocchi, R Motta, T Facchinetti, B Chiodini, B Borleri, GM Gavazzeni, G Barbui, T Rambaldi, A
Citation: G. Dotti et al., Primary effusion lymphoma after heart transplantation: a new entity associated with human herpesvirus-8, LEUKEMIA, 13(5), 1999, pp. 664-670

Authors: van Dongen, JJM Macintyre, EA Gabert, JA Delabesse, E Rossi, V Saglio, G Gottardi, E Rambaldi, A Dotti, G Griesinger, F Parreira, A Gameiro, P Diaz, MG Malec, M Langerak, AW San Miguel, JF Biondi, A
Citation: Jjm. Van Dongen et al., Standardized RT-PCR analysis of fusion gene transcripts from chromosome aberrations in acute leukemia for detection of minimal residual disease - Report of the BIOMED-1 Concerted Action: Investigation of minimal residual disease in acute leukemia, LEUKEMIA, 13(12), 1999, pp. 1901-1928

Authors: Dotti, G
Citation: G. Dotti, Non-supersymmetric vacua and the D-flatness condition, NUCL PHYS B, 558(3), 1999, pp. 573-588

Authors: Dotti, G Garattini, E Borleri, G Masuhara, K Spinelli, O Barbui, T Rambaldi, A
Citation: G. Dotti et al., Leucocyte alkaline phosphatase identifies terminally differentiated normalneutrophils and its lack in chronic myelogenous leukaemia is not dependenton p210 tyrosine kinase activity, BR J HAEM, 105(1), 1999, pp. 163-172
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