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Authors: Dennis, P
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Authors: Dennis, P Young, MR Bentley, C
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Authors: Meredith, M Heywood, K Dennis, P Goldson, L White, R Fahrbach, E Schauer, U Osterhus, S
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Authors: Huggett, J Dennis, P Gale, A
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Authors: Chandra, AMS Ginn, PE Terrell, SP Ferguson, B Adjiri-Awere, A Dennis, P Homer, BL
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Authors: Dennis, P Fry, GLA Andersen, A
Citation: P. Dennis et al., The impact of field boundary habitats on the diversity and abundance of natural enemies in cereals, INTERCHANGES OF INSECTS BETWEEN AGRICULTURAL AND SURROUNDING LANDSCAPES, 2000, pp. 195-214

Authors: Ramirez, O McDorman, K Dennis, P Hunt, E
Citation: O. Ramirez et al., Radiographic diagnosis: Multicentric schwannoma in an adult Holstein-Freisian cow, VET RAD ULT, 40(2), 1999, pp. 148-150

Authors: Dennis, P
Citation: P. Dennis, Rusty diodes, ELECTRON W, 105(1755), 1999, pp. 247-247

Authors: Dennis, P
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Authors: Dennis, P
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Authors: Munroe, K Estabrooks, P Dennis, P Carron, A
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Authors: Liang, ST Ehrenberg, M Dennis, P Bremer, H
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Authors: Dennis, P Kaiser, M
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Authors: McArdle, N Liss, P Dennis, P
Citation: N. Mcardle et al., An isotopic study of atmospheric sulphur at three sites in Wales and at Mace Head, Eire, J GEO RES-A, 103(D23), 1998, pp. 31079-31094
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