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Authors: Tissot, O Hydrio, J Gouygou, M Dallemer, F Daran, JC Balavoine, GGA
Citation: O. Tissot et al., Some aspects of the structural and coordination chemistry of the 2,2 '-biphosphole, TETRAHEDRON, 56(1), 2000, pp. 85-93

Authors: Turrin, CO Chiffre, J de Montauzon, D Daran, JC Caminade, AM Manoury, E Balavoine, G Majoral, JP
Citation: Co. Turrin et al., Phosphorus-containing dendrimers with ferrocenyl units at the core, withinthe branches, and on the periphery, MACROMOLEC, 33(20), 2000, pp. 7328-7336

Authors: Hydrio, J Gouygou, M Dallemer, F Daran, JC Balavoine, GGA
Citation: J. Hydrio et al., Convenient route for the preparation of unsymmetrical phospholes via zirconacyclopentadienes, J ORGMET CH, 595(2), 2000, pp. 261-267

Authors: Arzoumanian, H Bakhtchadjian, R Agrifoglio, G Krentzien, H Daran, JC
Citation: H. Arzoumanian et al., Synthesis and characterisation of a dioxo-mu-oxo molybdenum dimer: An unusual case of a mu-oxo conformational equilibrium, EUR J INORG, (12), 1999, pp. 2255-2259

Authors: Bejan, E Fontenas, C Ait-Haddou, H Daran, JC Balavoine, GGA
Citation: E. Bejan et al., Synthesis of highly soluble annelated polypyridines, EUR J ORG C, (10), 1999, pp. 2485-2490

Authors: Andreu, R Malfant, I Lacroix, PG Cassoux, P Roque, K Manoury, E Daran, JC Balavoine, GGA
Citation: R. Andreu et al., Ni(dmit)(2) salts with chiral stilbazolium- and ferrocenyl-based chromophores as countercations, CR AC S IIC, 2(5-6), 1999, pp. 329-340

Authors: Lenoble, G Naigre, R Chenal, T Urrutigoity, M Daran, JC Kalck, P
Citation: G. Lenoble et al., Diastereoselective cyclocarbonylation of isopulegol by palladium(II) complexes containing no chiral ligands, TETRAHEDR-A, 10(5), 1999, pp. 929-936

Authors: Bornet, C Amardeil, R Meunier, P Daran, JC
Citation: C. Bornet et al., Structural and complexation properties of diselenacrown ethers. Synthesis and crystal structure of a novel cationic palladium tetraselena complex, J CHEM S DA, (7), 1999, pp. 1039-1040

Authors: Ziegler, M Monney, V Stoeckli-Evans, H Von Zelewsky, A Sasaki, I Dupic, G Daran, JC Balavoine, GGA
Citation: M. Ziegler et al., Complexes of new chiral terpyridyl ligands. Synthesis and characterizationof their ruthenium(II) and rhodium(III) complexes, J CHEM S DA, (5), 1999, pp. 667-675

Authors: Malbosc, F Kalck, P Daran, JC Etienne, M
Citation: F. Malbosc et al., An unprecedented kappa N-2,H bonding mode for a hydridotris(pyrazolyl)-borato ligand, J CHEM S DA, (3), 1999, pp. 271-272

Authors: Ait-Haddou, H Bejan, E Daran, JC Balavoine, GGA Berruyer-Penaud, F Bonazzola, L Smaoui-Chaabouni, H Amouyal, E
Citation: H. Ait-haddou et al., New ruthenium(II) heteroleptic complexes containing the 4-(2-pyridyl)pyrimidine ligand with amine and amino acid substituents, J CHEM S DA, (17), 1999, pp. 3095-3101

Authors: Hoarau, O Ait-Haddou, H Daran, JC Cramailere, D Balavoine, GGA
Citation: O. Hoarau et al., Asymmetric palladium-catalyzed allylic alkylation using bis(oxazoline) ligands: Phenomenal reversal of enantioselectivity with a single chiral backbone, ORGANOMETAL, 18(23), 1999, pp. 4718-4723

Authors: Balavoine, GGA Daran, JC Iftime, G Lacroix, PG Manoury, E Delaire, JA Maltey-Fanton, I Nakatani, K Di Bella, S
Citation: Gga. Balavoine et al., Synthesis, crystal structures, and second-order nonlinear optical properties of new chiral ferrocenyl materials, ORGANOMETAL, 18(1), 1999, pp. 21-29

Authors: Greenaway, FT Riviere, E Gererd, JJ Labouze, X Morgant, G Viossat, B Daran, JC Arveiller, MR Dung, NH
Citation: Ft. Greenaway et al., Copper(II) complexes of a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug niflumic acid. Synthesis, crystal structure of tetrakis-mu-(2-[3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl] aminonicotinato)bis(dimethylsulfoxide)-dicopper(II) complex at 190 K. Anti-inflammatory properties, J INORG BIO, 76(1), 1999, pp. 19-27

Authors: Chiffre, J Manoury, E Daran, JC Balavoine, GGA
Citation: J. Chiffre et al., [(2S,4S)-4-Hydroxymethyl-1,3-dioxan-2-yl ]-ferrocene, ACT CRYST C, 55, 1999, pp. 2045-2047

Authors: Sasaki, I Daran, JC Balavoine, GGA
Citation: I. Sasaki et al., An effective route to polysubstituted symmetric terpyridines, SYNTHESIS-S, (5), 1999, pp. 815-820

Authors: Bouancheau, C Rudler, M Chelain, E Rudler, H Vaissermann, J Daran, JC
Citation: C. Bouancheau et al., Reaction of aminocarbene complexes of chromium with alkynes. IV. New transformations of the nitrogen ylide complexes derived therefrom (vol 496, pg 127, 1995), J ORGMET CH, 582(2), 1999, pp. 367-367

Authors: Delpech, F Sabo-Etienne, S Daran, JC Chaudret, B Hussein, K Marsden, CJ Barthelat, JC
Citation: F. Delpech et al., Ruthenium complexes containing two Ru-(eta(2)-Si-H) bonds: Synthesis, spectroscopic properties, structural data, theoretical calculations, and reactivity studies, J AM CHEM S, 121(28), 1999, pp. 6668-6682

Authors: Bejan, E Ait-Haddou, H Daran, JC Balavoine, GGA
Citation: E. Bejan et al., Enaminones in the synthesis of new polyaza heterocycles, EUR J ORG C, (12), 1998, pp. 2907-2912

Authors: Tissot, O Gouygou, M Daran, JC Balavoine, GGA
Citation: O. Tissot et al., New bis-biphosphole-transition-metal complexes: Spontaneous isomerization of trans-meso- into cis-(+/-)-[Ru(trifluoroacetate)(2)(1,1 '-diphenyl-3,3 ',4,4 '-tetramethyl-2,2 '-biphosphole)(2)], ORGANOMETAL, 17(26), 1998, pp. 5927-5930
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