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Authors: Nimchuk, Z Rohmer, L Chang, JH Dangl, JL
Citation: Z. Nimchuk et al., Knowing the dancer from the dance: R-gene products and their interactions with other proteins from host and pathogen, CUR OPIN PL, 4(4), 2001, pp. 288-294

Authors: Rusterucci, C Aviv, DH Holt, BF Dangl, JL Parker, JE
Citation: C. Rusterucci et al., The disease resistance signaling components EDS1 and PAD4 are essential regulators of the cell death pathway controlled by LSD1 in arabidopsis, PL CELL, 13(10), 2001, pp. 2211-2224

Authors: Staskawicz, BJ Mudgett, MB Dangl, JL Galan, JE
Citation: Bj. Staskawicz et al., Common and contrasting themes of plant and animal diseases, SCIENCE, 292(5525), 2001, pp. 2285-2289

Authors: Dangl, JL Jones, JDG
Citation: Jl. Dangl et Jdg. Jones, Plant pathogens and integrated defence responses to infection, NATURE, 411(6839), 2001, pp. 826-833

Authors: Kjemtrup, S Nimchuk, Z Dangl, JL
Citation: S. Kjemtrup et al., Effector proteins of phytopathogenic bacteria: bifunctional signals in virulence and host recognition, CURR OPIN M, 3(1), 2000, pp. 73-78

Authors: Maleck, K Levine, A Eulgem, T Morgan, A Schmid, J Lawton, KA Dangl, JL Dietrich, RA
Citation: K. Maleck et al., The transcriptome of Arabidopsis thaliana during systemic acquired resistance, NAT GENET, 26(4), 2000, pp. 403-410

Authors: McDowell, JM Dangl, JL
Citation: Jm. Mcdowell et Jl. Dangl, Signal transduction in the plant immune response, TRENDS BIOC, 25(2), 2000, pp. 79-82

Authors: Holt, BF Mackey, D Dangl, JL
Citation: Bf. Holt et al., Primer - Recognition of pathogens by plants, CURR BIOL, 10(1), 2000, pp. R5-R7

Authors: McDowell, JM Cuzick, A Can, C Beynon, J Dangl, JL Holub, EB
Citation: Jm. Mcdowell et al., Downy mildew (Peronospora parasitica) resistance genes in Arabidopsis varyin functional requirements for NDR1, EDS1, NPR1 and salicylic acid accumulation, PLANT J, 22(6), 2000, pp. 523-529

Authors: Nimchuk, Z Marois, E Kjemtrup, S Leister, RT Katagiri, F Dangl, JL
Citation: Z. Nimchuk et al., Eukaryotic fatty acylation drives plasma membrane targeting and enhances function of several type III effector proteins from Pseudomonas syringae, CELL, 101(4), 2000, pp. 353-363

Authors: Kliebenstein, DJ Dietrich, RA Martin, AC Last, RL Dangl, JL
Citation: Dj. Kliebenstein et al., LSD1 regulates salicylic acid induction of copper zinc superoxide dismutase in Arabidopsis thaliana, MOL PL MICR, 12(11), 1999, pp. 1022-1026

Authors: Morel, JB Dangl, JL
Citation: Jb. Morel et Jl. Dangl, Suppressors of the Arabidopsis lsd5 cell death mutation identify genes involved in regulating disease resistance responses, GENETICS, 151(1), 1999, pp. 305-319

Authors: Richberg, MH Aviv, DH Dangl, JL
Citation: Mh. Richberg et al., Dead cells do tell tales, CUR OPIN PL, 1(6), 1998, pp. 480-485

Authors: Grant, MR McDowell, JM Sharpe, AG Zabala, MDT Lydiate, DJ Dangl, JL
Citation: Mr. Grant et al., Independent deletions of a pathogen-resistance gene in Brassica and Arabidopsis, P NAS US, 95(26), 1998, pp. 15843-15848

Authors: Boyes, DC Nam, J Dangl, JL
Citation: Dc. Boyes et al., The Arabidopsis thaliana RPM1 disease resistance gene product is a peripheral plasma membrane protein that is degraded coincident with the hypersensitive response, P NAS US, 95(26), 1998, pp. 15849-15854
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