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Authors: Miranda-Vizuete, A Ljung, J Damdimopoulos, AE Gustafsson, JA Oko, R Pelto-Huikko, M Spyrou, G
Citation: A. Miranda-vizuete et al., Characterization of Sptrx, a novel member of the thioredoxin family specifically expressed in human spermatozoa, J BIOL CHEM, 276(34), 2001, pp. 31567-31574

Authors: Rybnikova, E Damdimopoulos, AE Gustafsson, JA Spyrou, G Pelto-Huikko, M
Citation: E. Rybnikova et al., Expression of novel antioxidant thioredoxin-2 in the rat brain, EUR J NEURO, 12(5), 2000, pp. 1669-1678

Authors: Sadek, CM Jalaguier, S Feeney, EP Aitola, M Damdimopoulos, AE Pelto-Huikko, M Gustafsson, JA
Citation: Cm. Sadek et al., Isolation and characterization of AINT: a novel ARNT interacting protein expressed during murine embryonic development, MECH DEVEL, 97(1-2), 2000, pp. 13-26

Authors: Miranda-Vizuete, A Damdimopoulos, AE Spyrou, G
Citation: A. Miranda-vizuete et al., cDNA cloning, expression and chromosomal localization of the mouse mitochondrial thioredoxin reductase gene, BBA-GENE ST, 1447(1), 1999, pp. 113-118

Authors: Johansson, L Thomsen, JS Damdimopoulos, AE Spyrou, G Gustafsson, JA Treuter, E
Citation: L. Johansson et al., The orphan nuclear receptor SHP inhibits agonist-dependent transcriptionalactivity of estrogen receptors ER alpha and ER beta, J BIOL CHEM, 274(1), 1999, pp. 345-353

Authors: Miranda-Vizuete, A Damdimopoulos, AE Pedrajas, JR Gustafsson, JA Spyrou, G
Citation: A. Miranda-vizuete et al., Human mitochondrial thioredoxin reductase - cDNA cloning, expression and genomic organization, EUR J BIOCH, 261(2), 1999, pp. 405-412
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