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Authors: Crawford, JH Davis, DD Chen, G Buhr, M Oltmans, S Weller, R Mauldin, L Eisele, F Shetter, R Lefer, B Arimoto, R Hogan, A
Citation: Jh. Crawford et al., Evidence for photochemical production of ozone at the South Pole surface, GEOPHYS R L, 28(19), 2001, pp. 3641-3644

Authors: Crawford, JH Wainwright, A Heavens, R Pollock, J Martin, DJ Scott, RH Seabrook, GR
Citation: Jh. Crawford et al., Mobilisation of intracellular Ca2+ by mGluR(5) metabotropic glutamate receptor activation in neonatal rat cultured dorsal root ganglia neurones, NEUROPHARM, 39(4), 2000, pp. 621-630

Authors: Patel, RP Levonen, AL Crawford, JH Darley-Usmar, VM
Citation: Rp. Patel et al., Mechanisms of the pro- and anti-oxidant actions of nitric oxide in atherosclerosis, CARDIO RES, 47(3), 2000, pp. 465-474

Authors: Olson, JR Baum, BA Cahoon, DR Crawford, JH
Citation: Jr. Olson et al., Frequency and distribution of forest, savanna, and crop fires over tropical regions during PEM-Tropics A, J GEO RES-A, 104(D5), 1999, pp. 5865-5876

Authors: Pollock, J Crawford, JH Wootton, JF Seabrook, GR Scott, RH
Citation: J. Pollock et al., Metabotropic glutamate receptor activation and intracellular cyclic ADP-ribose release Ca2+ from the same store in cultured DRG neurones, CELL CALC, 26(3-4), 1999, pp. 139-148

Authors: Brune, WH Tan, D Faloona, IF Jaegle, L Jacob, DJ Heikes, BG Snow, J Kondo, Y Shetter, R Sachse, GW Anderson, B Gregory, GL Vay, S Singh, HB Davis, DD Crawford, JH Blake, DR
Citation: Wh. Brune et al., OH and HO2 chemistry in the North Atlantic free troposphere, GEOPHYS R L, 26(20), 1999, pp. 3077-3080
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