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Authors: Cohen, JE
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Authors: Chen, X Cohen, JE
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Authors: Cohen, JE
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Authors: Ashley, MJ Cohen, JE Northrup, DA Ferrence, RG
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Authors: Cohen, JE Lemley, MA
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Authors: Cohen, JE Reynolds, AM
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Authors: Wein, LM Cohen, JE Wu, JT
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Authors: Cohen, JE Rich, AD
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Authors: Cohen, JE
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Authors: Cohen, JE
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Authors: Cohen, JE
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Authors: Cohen, JE
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Authors: Krause, GA Cohen, JE
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Authors: Cohen, JE Ashley, MJ Ferrence, R Brewster, JM Goldstein, AO
Citation: Je. Cohen et al., Institutional addiction to tobacco, TOB CONTROL, 8(1), 1999, pp. 70-74
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