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Authors: Nielsen, R Sorensen, BS Birn, H Christensen, EI Nexo, E
Citation: R. Nielsen et al., Transcellular transport of vitamin B-12 in LLC-PK1 renal proximal tubule cells, J AM S NEPH, 12(6), 2001, pp. 1099-1106

Authors: Straus, W Christensen, EI
Citation: W. Straus et Ei. Christensen, Cytochemical observations on the relationship between lysosomes and phagosomes in kidney and liver by combined staining for acid phosphatase and intravenously injected horseradish peroxidase (Reprinted from J. Cell Biol, vol20, pg 497-507, 1964), J AM S NEPH, 12(11), 2001, pp. 2528-2537

Authors: Christensen, EI Birn, H
Citation: Ei. Christensen et H. Birn, Megalin and cubilin: synergistic endocytic receptors in renal proximal tubule, AM J P-REN, 280(4), 2001, pp. F562-F573

Authors: Birn, H Christensen, EI
Citation: H. Birn et Ei. Christensen, Novel mechanism(s) implicated in tubular albumin reabsorption and handling- Authors' reply, AM J KIDNEY, 38(1), 2001, pp. 200-204

Authors: Nielsen, MS Madsen, P Christensen, EI Nykjaer, A Gliemann, J Kasper, D Pohlmann, R Petersen, CM
Citation: Ms. Nielsen et al., The sortilin cytoplasmic tail conveys Golgi-endosome transport and binds the VHS domain of the GGA2 sorting protein, EMBO J, 20(9), 2001, pp. 2180-2190

Authors: Nykjaer, A Fyfe, JC Kozyraki, R Leheste, JR Jacobsen, C Nielsen, MS Verroust, PJ Aminoff, M de la Chapelle, A Moestrup, SK Ray, R Gliemann, J Willnow, TE Christensen, EI
Citation: A. Nykjaer et al., Cubilin dysfunction causes abnormal metabolism of the steroid hormone 25(OH) vitamin D-3, P NAS US, 98(24), 2001, pp. 13895-13900

Authors: Kozyraki, R Fyfe, J Verroust, PJ Jacobsen, C Dautry-Varsat, A Gburek, J Willnow, TE Christensen, EI Moestrup, SK
Citation: R. Kozyraki et al., Megalin-dependent cubilin-mediated endocytosis is a major pathway for the apical uptake of transferrin in polarized epithelia, P NAS US, 98(22), 2001, pp. 12491-12496

Authors: Burmeister, R Boe, IM Nykjaer, A Jacobsen, C Moestrup, SK Verroust, P Christensen, EI Lund, J Willnow, TE
Citation: R. Burmeister et al., A two-receptor pathway for catabolism of Clara cell secretory protein in the kidney, J BIOL CHEM, 276(16), 2001, pp. 13295-13301

Authors: Birn, H Vorum, H Verroust, PJ Moestrup, SK Christensen, EI
Citation: H. Birn et al., Receptor-associated protein is important for normal processing of megalin in kidney proximal tubules, J AM S NEPH, 11(2), 2000, pp. 191-202

Authors: Zhai, XY Nielsen, R Birn, H Drumm, K Mildenberger, S Freudinger, R Moestrup, SK Verroust, PJ Christensen, EI Gekle, M
Citation: Xy. Zhai et al., Cubilin- and megalin-mediated uptake of albumin in cultured proximal tubule cells of opossum kidney, KIDNEY INT, 58(4), 2000, pp. 1523-1533

Authors: Christensen, EI Birn, H
Citation: Ei. Christensen et H. Birn, Renal handling of albumin in normal rat, KIDNEY INT, 57(3), 2000, pp. 1207-1208

Authors: Birn, H Fyfe, JC Jacobsen, C Mounier, F Verroust, PJ Orskov, H Willnow, TE Moestrup, SK Christensen, EI
Citation: H. Birn et al., Cubilin is an albumin binding protein important for renal tubular albumin reabsorption, J CLIN INV, 105(10), 2000, pp. 1353-1361

Authors: Sousa, MM Norden, AGW Jacobsen, C Willnow, TE Christensen, EI Thakker, RV Verroust, PJ Moestrup, SK Saraiva, MJ
Citation: Mm. Sousa et al., Evidence for the role of megalin in renal uptake of transthyretin, J BIOL CHEM, 275(49), 2000, pp. 38176-38181

Authors: Schmitz, C Gotthardt, M Hinderlich, S Leheste, JR Gross, V Vorum, H Christensen, EI Luft, FC Takahashi, S Willnow, TE
Citation: C. Schmitz et al., Normal blood pressure and plasma renin activity in mice lacking the renin-binding protein, a cellular renin inhibitor, J BIOL CHEM, 275(20), 2000, pp. 15357-15362

Authors: Kozyraki, R Fyfe, J Kristiansen, M Gerdes, C Jacobsen, C Cui, SY Christensen, EI Aminoff, M de la Chapelle, A Krahe, R Verroust, PJ Moestrup, SK
Citation: R. Kozyraki et al., The intrinsic factor-vitamin B-12 receptor, cubilin, is a high-affinity apolipoprotein A-I receptor facilitating endocytosis of high-density lipoprotein, NAT MED, 5(6), 1999, pp. 656-661

Authors: Christensen, EI Moskaug, JO Vorum, H Jacobsen, C Gundersen, TE Nykjaer, A Blomhoff, R Willnow, TE Moestrup, SK
Citation: Ei. Christensen et al., Evidence for an essential role of megalin in transepithelial transport of retinol, J AM S NEPH, 10(4), 1999, pp. 685-695

Authors: Christensen, EI Willnow, TE
Citation: Ei. Christensen et Te. Willnow, Essential role of megalin in renal proximal tubule for vitamin homeostasis, J AM S NEPH, 10(10), 1999, pp. 2224-2236

Authors: Bjerke, T Hoffmann, HJ Christensen, EI Poulsen, LK Skjold, T Dahl, R
Citation: T. Bjerke et al., Regulation of Fc epsilon RI synthesis in human eosinophils, INT A AL IM, 118(2-4), 1999, pp. 440-442

Authors: Nykjaer, A Dragun, D Walther, D Vorum, H Jacobsen, C Herz, J Melsen, F Christensen, EI Willnow, TE
Citation: A. Nykjaer et al., An endocytic pathway essential for renal uptake and activation of the steroid 25-(OH) vitamin D-3, CELL, 96(4), 1999, pp. 507-515

Authors: Hilpert, J Nykjaer, A Jacobsen, C Wallukat, G Nielsen, R Moestrup, SK Haller, H Luft, FC Christensen, EI Willnow, TE
Citation: J. Hilpert et al., Megalin antagonizes activation of the parathyroid hormone receptor, J BIOL CHEM, 274(9), 1999, pp. 5620-5625

Authors: Leheste, JR Rolinski, B Vorum, H Hilpert, J Nykjaer, A Jacobsen, C Aucouturier, P Moskaug, JO Otto, A Christensen, EI Willnow, TE
Citation: Jr. Leheste et al., Megalin knockout mice as an animal model of low molecular weight proteinuria, AM J PATH, 155(4), 1999, pp. 1361-1370

Authors: Debiec, H Christensen, EI Ronco, PM
Citation: H. Debiec et al., The cell adhesion molecule L1 is developmentally regulated in the renal epithelium and is involved in kidney branching morphogenesis, J CELL BIOL, 143(7), 1998, pp. 2067-2079
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