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Authors: Heinrich, L Mary-Verla, A Li, Y Vaissermann, J Chottard, JC
Citation: L. Heinrich et al., Cobalt(III) complexes with carboxamido-N and sulfenato-S or sulfinato-S ligands suggest that a coordinated sulfenate-S is essential for the catalyticactivity of nitrile hydratases, EUR J INORG, (9), 2001, pp. 2203-2206

Authors: Heinrich, L Li, Y Vaissermann, J Chottard, JC
Citation: L. Heinrich et al., A bis(carboxamido-N)diisocyanidobis(sulfenato-S)cobalt(III) complex, modelfor the post-translational oxygenation of nitrile hydratase thiolato ligands, EUR J INORG, (6), 2001, pp. 1407-1409

Authors: Heinrich, L Chottard, JC Li, Y
Citation: L. Heinrich et al., Synthesis of polydentate ligands containing amides and thiols for biomimetic metal complexes, SYN COMMUN, 31(9), 2001, pp. 1323-1333

Authors: Heinrich, L Li, Y Provost, K Michalowicz, A Vaissermann, J Chottard, JC
Citation: L. Heinrich et al., A square-planar di-N-carboxamido, dithiolato-cobalt(III) complex related to nitrile hydratase metallic site. Addition of axial ligands and EXAFS study of the derived dicyano and diisocyanido complexes, INORG CHIM, 318(1-2), 2001, pp. 117-126

Authors: Redon, S Bombard, S Elizondo-Riojas, MA Chottard, JC
Citation: S. Redon et al., Platination of the (T(2)G(4))(4) telomeric sequence: A structural and cross-linking study, BIOCHEM, 40(29), 2001, pp. 8463-8470

Authors: Legendre, F Bas, V Kozelka, J Chottard, JC
Citation: F. Legendre et al., A complete kinetic study of GG versus AG platination suggests that the doubly aquated derivatives of cisplatin are the actual DNA binding species, CHEM-EUR J, 6(11), 2000, pp. 2002-2010

Authors: Massaad-Massade, L Massaad, C Legendre, F Bas, V Chottard, JC Beaune, P Barouki, R
Citation: L. Massaad-massade et al., A single d(GpG) cisplatin adduct on the estrogen response element decreases the binding of the estrogen receptor, FEBS LETTER, 466(1), 2000, pp. 49-53

Authors: Carte, N Legendre, F Leize, E Potier, N Reeder, F Chottard, JC Van Dorsselaer, A
Citation: N. Carte et al., Determination by electrospray mass spectrometry of the outersphere association constants of DNA/platinum complexes using 20-mer oligonucleotides and ([Pt(NH3)(4)](2+), 2Cl(-)) or ([Pt(py)(4)](2+), 2Cl(-)), ANALYT BIOC, 284(1), 2000, pp. 77-86

Authors: Heinrich, L Li, Y Vaissermann, J Chottard, G Chottard, JC
Citation: L. Heinrich et al., A pentacoordinated di-N-carboxamido-dithiolato-O-sulfinato-iron(III) complex related to the metal site of nitrile hydratase, ANGEW CHEM, 38(23), 1999, pp. 3526-3528

Authors: Kozelka, J Legendre, F Reeder, F Chottard, JC
Citation: J. Kozelka et al., Kinetic aspects of interactions between DNA and platinum complexes, COORD CH RE, 192, 1999, pp. 61-82
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