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Authors: Rundle, A Tang, DL Zhou, JZ Cho, S Perera, F
Citation: A. Rundle et al., The association between glutathione S-transferase M1 genotype and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-DNA adducts in breast tissue, CANC EPID B, 9(10), 2000, pp. 1079-1085

Authors: Bruckheimer, EM Cho, S Brisbay, S Johnson, DJ Gingrich, JR Greenberg, N McDonnell, TJ
Citation: Em. Bruckheimer et al., The impact of bcl-2 expression and bax deficiency on prostate homeostasis in vivo, ONCOGENE, 19(20), 2000, pp. 2404-2412

Authors: Cho, S Abdou, MA
Citation: S. Cho et Ma. Abdou, Analysis of tritium kinetics of SIBELIUS beryllium, FUSION ENG, 51-2, 2000, pp. 85-91

Authors: Cho, S Yoon, BJ In, SR Im, KH
Citation: S. Cho et al., Design analysis of electromagnetic forces on the KSTAR vacuum vessel interfaces, FUSION ENG, 51-2, 2000, pp. 219-227

Authors: Cho, S Hwang, JH Bae, KY Hwang, CS
Citation: S. Cho et al., An optimistic cache consistency protocol using preemptive approach, IEICE T INF, E83D(9), 2000, pp. 1772-1780

Authors: Cho, S Kang, HC Hahm, JH
Citation: S. Cho et al., Characteristics of vitiligo in Korean children, PEDIAT DERM, 17(3), 2000, pp. 189-193

Authors: Cho, S Moore, JE
Citation: S. Cho et Je. Moore, Improved user equilibrium based method for estimating trip tables, J TRANSP E, 126(6), 2000, pp. 492-497

Authors: Kwak, JG Kim, SK Cho, S
Citation: Jg. Kwak et al., Upper limit to the monotonic increasing dependence of the plasma density on the magnetic field in helicon discharges, PHYS LETT A, 267(5-6), 2000, pp. 384-388

Authors: Cho, S Choi, YK Kim, EK
Citation: S. Cho et al., Self-assembled InAs quantum dots on GaAs (100) and (311)A substrates, J KOR PHYS, 37(6), 2000, pp. 1030-1033

Authors: Kim, DY Cho, S Park, Y
Citation: Dy. Kim et al., Photoelectron spectroscopy study of the interfaces between Al and tris-(8-hydroxyquinoline)aluminum with a LiF interlayer, J KOR PHYS, 37(5), 2000, pp. 598-604

Authors: Cho, S
Citation: S. Cho, Optical and electrical enhancement of the propagation time in superconducting transmission lines, J KOR PHYS, 37(4), 2000, pp. 402-406

Authors: Ochoa, MT Thoma-Uszynski, S Sieling, PA Sabet, S Cho, S Krensky, AM Burdick, A Rea, TH Modlin, RL
Citation: Mt. Ochoa et al., Role of granulysin in immunity to leprosy, LEPROSY REV, 71, 2000, pp. S115-S115

Authors: Lee, JD Kim, SJ Yoo, D Ko, J Cho, S Kang, SO
Citation: Jd. Lee et al., Synthesis and reactivity of intramolecularly stabilized organotin compounds containing the C,N-chelating o-carboranylamino ligand [o-C2B10H10(CH2NMe2)-C,N](-) (Cab(C,N)). X-ray structures of (Cab(C,N))SnR2X (R = Me, X = Cl; R = Ph, X = Cl), (Cab(C,N))(2)Hg, and [(Cab(C,N))SnMe2](2), ORGANOMETAL, 19(9), 2000, pp. 1695-1703

Authors: Bae, JY Lee, YJ Kim, SJ Ko, JJ Cho, S Kang, SO
Citation: Jy. Bae et al., Steric influence on the reactivity of the (o-carboranedithiolato)iridium(III) complex [Ir(eta(5)-C5Me5) (eta(2)-S2C2B10H10)]: New types of addition reactions involving cyclometalation or isomerization, ORGANOMETAL, 19(8), 2000, pp. 1514-1521

Authors: Cho, S Hinterding, R Madore, J Steinacker, H
Citation: S. Cho et al., Finite field theory on noncommutative geometries, INT J MOD D, 9(2), 2000, pp. 161-199

Authors: Chung, JJ Cho, S Kwon, YK Kim, DH Kim, K
Citation: Jj. Chung et al., Activation of retinoic acid receptor gamma induces proliferation of immortalized hippocampal progenitor cells, MOL BRAIN R, 83(1-2), 2000, pp. 52-62

Authors: Cho, S Kang, SJ Park, KS
Citation: S. Cho et al., Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalism on the h-deformed quantum plane, REV MATH PH, 12(5), 2000, pp. 711-724

Authors: Caterino, MS Cho, S Sperling, FAH
Citation: Ms. Caterino et al., The current state of insect molecular systematics: A thriving Tower of Babel, ANN R ENTOM, 45, 2000, pp. 1-54

Authors: Cho, S Lee, S Oh, SG Park, SJ Kim, WM Cheong, BK Chung, M Song, KB Lee, TS Kim, SG
Citation: S. Cho et al., Optical properties of Au nanocluster embedded dielectric films, THIN SOL FI, 377, 2000, pp. 97-102

Authors: Chae, H Cho, S Keum, G Kang, SB Pae, AN Kim, Y
Citation: H. Chae et al., A facile synthesis of 7-amino-3-desacetoxycephalosporanic acid derivativesby indium-mediated reduction of 3-iodomethylcephems in aqueous media, TETRAHEDR L, 41(20), 2000, pp. 3899-3901

Authors: Cunniff, C Frias, JL Kaye, C Moeschler, JB Panny, SR Trotter, TL Hanson, JW Williams, J Moore, CA Lloyd-Puryear, M de la Cruz, F Cho, S Desposito, F Hoyme, HE Hall, L
Citation: C. Cunniff et al., Molecular genetic testing in pediatric practice: A subject review, PEDIATRICS, 106(6), 2000, pp. 1494-1497

Authors: Cho, S Choi, KK
Citation: S. Cho et Kk. Choi, Design sensitivity analysis and optimization of non-linear transient dynamics. Part I - sizing design, INT J NUM M, 48(3), 2000, pp. 351-373

Authors: Cho, S Choi, KK
Citation: S. Cho et Kk. Choi, Design sensitivity analysis and optimization of non-linear transient dynamics. Part II - configuration design, INT J NUM M, 48(3), 2000, pp. 375-399

Authors: Lee, GS Kim, J Hwang, SM Chang, CS Chang, HY Cho, MH Choi, BH Kim, K Cho, KW Cho, S Choh, KK Choi, CH Choi, JH Choi, JW Choi, IS Do, CJ Ha, TH Han, JH Hong, JS Hong, KH Hur, NI Hwang, IS Im, KH Jhang, HG Jung, YS Kim, BC Kim, DL Kim, GH Kim, HS Kim, JS Kim, JY Kim, WC Kim, YS Kwon, KH Kyum, MC Lee, BJ Lee, DK Lee, HG Lee, JM Lee, SG Na, HG Oh, YK Park, JH Ri, HC Ryoo, YS Song, KY Yang, HL Yang, JG Yoo, BJ Yoo, SJ Yoon, NS Yoon, SB You, GH You, KI Choe, W Choi, DI Jeong, SG Lee, DY Bae, YS Kang, HS Kim, GN Ko, IS Namkung, W Oh, JS Bae, YD Cho, YS Hong, BG Hong, G Hwang, CK In, SR Ju, MH Lee, HJ Oh, BH Yoon, BJ Baang, S Choi, HJ Hwang, J Kim, MG Kim, YJ Lee, SI Yee, J Yoon, CS Chung, KH Hong, SH Hwang, YS Kim, SH Kim, YH Chung, KH Lim, JY Ha, DW Oh, SS Ryu, KS Wang, QL Ko, TK Joo, J Suh, S Choi, CH Lee, JH Lee, YW Shin, HS Song, IH Baek, J Han, IY Koh, Y Park, PY Ryu, C Cho, JJ Hwang, DM Kim, YS Schmidt, JA Park, HK Neilson, GH Reiersen, WT Simmons, RT Bernabei, S Dahlgren, F Grisham, LR Jardin, SC Kessel, CE Manickam, J Medley, SS Pomphrey, N Sinnis, JC Brown, TG White, RB Young, KM Schultz, J Wang, PW Sevier, L Carter, MD Ryan, PM Swain, DW Hill, DN Nevins, WM Braams, BJ
Citation: Gs. Lee et al., The KSTAR project: An advanced steady state superconducting tokamak experiment, NUCL FUSION, 40(3Y), 2000, pp. 575-582

Authors: Cho, S Mehra, V Thoma-Uszynski, S Stenger, S Serbina, N Mazzaccaro, RJ Flynn, JL Barnes, PF Southwood, S Celis, E Bloom, BR Modlin, RL Sette, A
Citation: S. Cho et al., Antimicrobial activity of MHC class I-restricted CD8+T cells in human tuberculosis, P NAS US, 97(22), 2000, pp. 12210-12215
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