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Authors: Young, MPJ Korachi, M Carter, DH Worthington, H Drucker, DB
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Authors: Bennett, JH Carter, DH Alavi, AL Beresford, JN Walsh, S
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Authors: Carter, DH Bourke, MAM
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Authors: McKown, SL Sloan, P Ayad, S Carter, DH
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Authors: Carter, DH Scully, AJ Hatton, PV Davies, RM Aaron, JE
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Authors: Sherwin, AF Carter, DH Poole, CA Hoyland, JA Ayad, S
Citation: Af. Sherwin et al., The distribution of type VI collagen in the developing tissues of the bovine femoral head, HISTOCHEM J, 31(9), 1999, pp. 623-632

Authors: Aaron, JE Oliver, B Clarke, N Carter, DH
Citation: Je. Aaron et al., Calcified microspheres as biological entities and their isolation from bone, HISTOCHEM J, 31(7), 1999, pp. 455-470

Authors: Young, MPJ Carter, DH Sloan, P Quayle, AA
Citation: Mpj. Young et al., A survey of oral implantology teaching in the university dental hospitals and schools of the United Kingdom and Eire., BR DENT J, 187(12), 1999, pp. 671-675

Authors: Carter, DH Scully, AJ Davies, RM Aaron, JE
Citation: Dh. Carter et al., Evidence for phosphoprotein microspheres in bone, HISTOCHEM J, 30(9), 1998, pp. 677-686
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