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Authors: Raturi, S Hill, RL Carroll, MJ
Citation: S. Raturi et al., Modeling dicamba sorption and transport through zoysiagrass thatch and soil, SOIL SEDIM, 10(2), 2001, pp. 227-247

Authors: Wraight, CL Zangerl, AR Carroll, MJ Berenbaum, MR
Citation: Cl. Wraight et al., Absence of toxicity of Bacillus thuringiensis pollen to black swallowtailsunder field conditions, P NAS US, 97(14), 2000, pp. 7700-7703

Authors: Carroll, MJ Zangerl, AR Berenbaum, MR
Citation: Mj. Carroll et al., Heritability estimates for octyl acetate and octyl butyrate in the mature fruit of the wild parsnip, J HEREDITY, 91(1), 2000, pp. 68-71

Authors: Chesser, AMS Carroll, MJ Britton, KE Baker, LRI
Citation: Ams. Chesser et al., Preoperative imaging of parathyroid glands, LANCET, 354(9192), 1999, pp. 1820-1820
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