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Authors: Veal, GJ Dias, C Price, L Parry, A Errington, J Hale, J Pearson, ADJ Boddy, AV Newell, DR Tilby, MJ
Citation: Gj. Veal et al., Influence of cellular factors and pharmacokinetics on the formation of platinum-DNA adducts in leukocytes of children receiving cisplatin therapy, CLIN CANC R, 7(8), 2001, pp. 2205-2212

Authors: Boddy, AV Griffin, MJ Sludden, J Thomas, HD Fishwick, K Wright, JG Plummer, ER Highley, M Calvert, AH
Citation: Av. Boddy et al., Pharmacological study of paclitaxel duration of infusion combined with GFR-based carboplatin in the treatment of ovarian cancer, CANC CHEMOT, 48(1), 2001, pp. 15-21

Authors: Yule, SM Price, L Cole, M Pearson, ADJ Boddy, AV
Citation: Sm. Yule et al., Cyclophosphamide metabolism in children following a 1-h and a 24-h infusion, CANC CHEMOT, 47(3), 2001, pp. 222-228

Authors: Wright, JG Boddy, AV
Citation: Jg. Wright et Av. Boddy, All half-lives are wrong, but some half-lives are useful, CLIN PHARMA, 40(4), 2001, pp. 237-244

Authors: Patoux, A Bleyzac, N Boddy, AV Doz, F Rubie, H Bastian, G Maire, P Canal, P Chatelut, E
Citation: A. Patoux et al., Comparison of nonlinear mixed-effect and non-parametric expectation maximisation modelling for Bayesian estimation of carboplatin clearance in children, EUR J CL PH, 57(4), 2001, pp. 297-303

Authors: Sharkey, I Boddy, AV Wallace, H Mycroft, J Hollis, R Picton, S
Citation: I. Sharkey et al., Body surface area estimation in children using weight alone: application in paediatric oncology, BR J CANC, 85(1), 2001, pp. 23-28

Authors: Veal, GJ Griffin, MJ Price, E Parry, A Dick, GS Little, MA Yule, SM Morland, B Estlin, EJ Hale, JP Pearson, ADJ Welbank, H Boddy, AV
Citation: Gj. Veal et al., A phase I study in paediatric patients to evaluate the safety and pharmacokinetics of SPI-77, a liposome encapsulated formulation of cisplatin, BR J CANC, 84(8), 2001, pp. 1029-1035

Authors: Wright, JG Boddy, AV Highley, M Fenwick, J McGill, A Calvert, AH
Citation: Jg. Wright et al., Estimation of glomerular filtration rate in cancer patients, BR J CANC, 84(4), 2001, pp. 452-459

Authors: Estlin, EJ Pinkerton, CR Lewis, IJ Lashford, L McDowell, H Morland, B Kohler, J Newell, DR Boddy, AV Taylor, GA Price, L Ablett, S Hobson, R Pitsiladis, M Brampton, M Clendeninn, N Johnston, A Pearson, ADJ
Citation: Ej. Estlin et al., A phase I study of nolatrexed dihydrochloride in children with advanced cancer. A United Kingdom Children's Cancer Study Group Investigation, BR J CANC, 84(1), 2001, pp. 11-18

Authors: Lu, XH Errington, J Chen, VJ Curtin, NJ Boddy, AV Newell, DR
Citation: Xh. Lu et al., Cellular ATP depletion by LY309887 as a predictor of growth inhibition in human tumor cell lines, CLIN CANC R, 6(1), 2000, pp. 271-277

Authors: Thomas, H Boddy, AV English, MW Hobson, R Imeson, J Lewis, I Morland, B Pearson, ADJ Pinkerton, P Price, L Stevens, M Newell, DR
Citation: H. Thomas et al., Prospective validation of renal function-based carboplatin dosing in children with cancer: A United Kingdom Children's Cancer Study Group trial, J CL ONCOL, 18(21), 2000, pp. 3614-3621

Authors: Johnstone, EC Lind, MJ Griffin, MJ Boddy, AV
Citation: Ec. Johnstone et al., Ifosfamide metabolism and DNA damage in tumour and peripheral blood lymphocytes of breast cancer patients, CANC CHEMOT, 46(6), 2000, pp. 433-441

Authors: Thomas, HD Lind, MJ Ford, J Bleehen, N Calvert, AH Boddy, AV
Citation: Hd. Thomas et al., Pharmacokinetics of carboplatin administered in combination with the bradykinin agonist Cereport (RMP-7) for the treatment of brain tumours, CANC CHEMOT, 45(4), 2000, pp. 284-290

Authors: Boddy, AV Yule, SM
Citation: Av. Boddy et Sm. Yule, Metabolism and pharmacokinetics of oxazaphosphorines, CLIN PHARMA, 38(4), 2000, pp. 291-304

Authors: Hughes, AN Griffin, MJ Newell, DR Calvert, AH Johnston, A Kerr, B Lee, C Liang, B Boddy, AV
Citation: An. Hughes et al., Clinical pharmacokinetic and in vitro combination studies of nolatrexed dihydrochloride (AG337, Thymitaq (TM)) and paclitaxel, BR J CANC, 82(9), 2000, pp. 1519-1527

Authors: Hughes, AN Rafi, I Griffin, MJ Calvert, AH Newell, DR Calvete, JA Johnston, A Clendeninn, N Boddy, AV
Citation: An. Hughes et al., Phase I studies with the nonclassical antifolate nolatrexed dihydrochloride (AG337, THYMITAQ) administered orally for 5 days, CLIN CANC R, 5(1), 1999, pp. 111-118

Authors: Cerny, T Leyvraz, S von Briel, T Kupfer, A Schaad, R Schmitz, SFH Honegger, P Sessa, C Brunner, J Boddy, AV
Citation: T. Cerny et al., Saturable metabolism of continuous high-dose ifosfamide with Mesna and GM-CSF: A pharmacokinetic study in advanced sarcoma patients, ANN ONCOL, 10(9), 1999, pp. 1087-1094

Authors: Yule, SM Price, L Cole, M Pearson, ADJ Boddy, AV
Citation: Sm. Yule et al., Cyclophosphamide metabolism in children with Fanconi's anaemia, BONE MAR TR, 24(2), 1999, pp. 123-128

Authors: Yule, SM Walker, D Cole, M McSorley, L Cholerton, S Daly, AK Pearson, ADJ Boddy, AV
Citation: Sm. Yule et al., The effect of fluconazole on cyclophosphamide metabolism in children, DRUG META D, 27(3), 1999, pp. 417-421
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