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Authors: Barna, R De Pasquale, D Italiano, A Trifiro, A Trimarchi, M Strazzeri, A Rauch, V Disdier, D Bhattacharya, C Beck, C Bellot, T Freeman, RM Nouicer, R Rousseau, M Stezowski, O
Citation: R. Barna et al., Semiclassical approach to sequential alpha emission in (96 MeV) O-16+Ni-58and (133 MeV) O-16+Ti-48 deep inelastic collisions - art. no. 054601, PHYS REV C, 6405(5), 2001, pp. 4601

Authors: Bhattacharya, C Rousseau, M Beck, C Rauch, V Freeman, RM Nouicer, R Haas, F Dorvaux, O Eddahbi, K Papka, P Stezowski, O Szilner, S Mahboub, D De Toledo, AS Hachem, A Martin, E Sanders, SJ
Citation: C. Bhattacharya et al., Deformation effects in the Si-28+C-12 and Si-28+Si-28 reactions, PRAMANA-J P, 57(1), 2001, pp. 203-207

Authors: Thummerer, S Gebauer, B Bohlen, HG von Oertzen, W Bazzacco, D Lenzi, SM Algora, A de Angelis, G Gadea, A Napoli, DR Borcan, C Donau, F Kaubler, L Schnare, H Schwengner, R Peter, I Beck, C Bhattacharya, C Rousseau, M Nouicer, R Lisle, J
Citation: S. Thummerer et al., Spectroscopy of Ti-44,Ti-46 with the Binary Reaction Spectrometer and Euroball, PHYS SCR, T88, 2000, pp. 114-117

Authors: Bandyopadhyay, D Basu, SK Bhattacharya, C Bhattacharya, S Krishan, K Chatterjee, A Kailas, S Navin, A Shrivastava, A
Citation: D. Bandyopadhyay et al., Evaporation of alpha particles from the P-31 nucleus, PHYS REV C, 59(2), 1999, pp. 1179-1181

Authors: Chatterjee, D Bhattacharya, C
Citation: D. Chatterjee et C. Bhattacharya, Photocatalytic destruction of organic pollutants in a Pt/TiO2 semiconductor particulate system, I J CHEM A, 38(12), 1999, pp. 1256-1258
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