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Authors: Robeson, LM Berner, RA
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Authors: Royer, DL Wing, SL Beerling, DJ Jolley, DW Koch, PL Hickey, LJ Berner, RA
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Authors: Berner, RA
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Authors: Royer, DL Berner, RA Beerling, DJ
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Authors: Berner, RA Kothavala, Z
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Authors: Petsch, ST Berner, RA Eglinton, TI
Citation: St. Petsch et al., A field study of the chemical weathering of ancient sedimentary organic matter, ORG GEOCHEM, 31(5), 2000, pp. 475-487

Authors: Berner, RA Petsch, ST Lake, JA Beerling, DJ Popp, BN Lane, RS Laws, EA Westley, MB Cassar, N Woodward, FI Quick, WP
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Authors: Beerling, DJ Berner, RA
Citation: Dj. Beerling et Ra. Berner, Impact of a Permo-Carboniferous high O-2 event on the terrestrial carbon cycle, P NAS US, 97(23), 2000, pp. 12428-12432

Authors: Moulton, KL West, J Berner, RA
Citation: Kl. Moulton et al., Solute flux and mineral mass balance approaches to the quantification of plant effects on silicate weathering, AM J SCI, 300(7), 2000, pp. 539-570

Authors: Berner, RA
Citation: Ra. Berner, Atmospheric oxygen over Phanerozoic time, P NAS US, 96(20), 1999, pp. 10955-10957

Authors: Chang, SB Berner, RA
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Authors: Berner, RA Rao, JL Chang, S O'Brien, R Keller, CK
Citation: Ra. Berner et al., Seasonal variability of adsorption and exchange equilibria in soil waters, AQUAT GEOCH, 4(2), 1998, pp. 273-290
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