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Authors: Lerner, AM Zervos, M Chang, CH Beqaj, S Goldstein, J O'Neill, W Dworkin, H Fitgerald, T Deeter, RG
Citation: Am. Lerner et al., A small, randomized, placebo-controlled trial of the use of antiviral therapy for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, CLIN INF D, 32(11), 2001, pp. 1657-1658

Authors: Liu, JH Beqaj, S Yang, Y Honore, B Schuger, L
Citation: Jh. Liu et al., Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein-H plays a suppressive role in visceral myogenesis, MECH DEVEL, 104(1-2), 2001, pp. 79-87

Authors: Yang, Y Beqaj, S Kemp, P Ariel, I Schuger, L
Citation: Y. Yang et al., Stretch-induced alternative splicing of serum response factor promotes bronchial myogenesis and is defective in lung hypoplasia, J CLIN INV, 106(11), 2000, pp. 1321-1330

Authors: Relan, NK Yang, Y Beqaj, S Miner, JH Schuger, L
Citation: Nk. Relan et al., Cell elongation induces laminin alpha 2 chain expression in mouse embryonic mesenchymal cells: Role in visceral myogenesis, J CELL BIOL, 147(6), 1999, pp. 1341-1350
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