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Authors: Bloom, M Beric, A Bekker, A
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Authors: Bekker, A Kaufman, AJ Karhu, JA Beukes, NJ Swart, QD Coetzee, LL Eriksson, KA
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Authors: Fischer, B Rosen, A Bekker, A Fishman, S
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Authors: Rosen, A Fischer, B Bekker, A Fishman, S
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Authors: Fischer, B Vodonos, B Atkins, S Bekker, A
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Authors: Berger, NK Levit, B Bekker, A Fischer, B
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Authors: Bekker, A Brinson, LC Issen, K
Citation: A. Bekker et al., Localized and diffuse thermoinduced phase transformation in 1-D shape memory alloys, J IN MAT SY, 9(5), 1998, pp. 355-365

Authors: Bekker, A
Citation: A. Bekker, Versternema struthionis in ostriches: is there an association with peritonitis?, J SA VET AS, 69(4), 1998, pp. 118-119
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