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Authors: Keahey, K Beckman, P Ahrens, J
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Authors: Odom, SL Horn, EM Marquart, JM Hanson, MJ Wolfberg, P Beckman, P Lieber, J Li, SM Schwartz, I Janko, S Sandall, S
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Authors: Bollinger, T Beckman, P
Citation: T. Bollinger et P. Beckman, Linux on the move, IEEE SOFTW, 16(1), 1999, pp. 30

Authors: Mann, LS Westlake, T Wise, TN Beckman, A Beckman, P Brodeur, S Poretz, D
Citation: Ls. Mann et al., Executive functioning and compliance in HIV patients, PSYCHOL REP, 84(1), 1999, pp. 319-322
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